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UnCategorized Many times our lives feel like a game that we are a part of, even though we dont seem to have or recognize all of the pieces, all of the time. Metaphorically speaking, would you like to have all of the pieces, so you can play more effectively? Of course you would. Everyone wants to take advantage of all of their resources and to be more successful at living. So, lets take a look at how to increase your skills at the game of life by adding the pieces and reconstructing the patterns that increase your chances of continual success. How might this play out? We can illustrate this by brainstorming with the what if game. Now in order to play, you have to suspend judgment, right? Are you willing to do this? OK, so what if you could tap all of the power that you truly have at your fingertips? What if you were only using a fraction of your brain and power, as Einstein postulated? What if you actually did meditate in the Board Room? Even farther out, what if you let your Higher Power into the Board Room? A Higher Power, you mean the G–wordin business? Pretty risky stuff, huh? Research shows that 95% of North Americans believe in a Higher Power, but leadership still feels the need to keep it private in order to not offend their customers. Sounds a bit like compartmentalized thinking to me. We only think of spiritual things on Sunday? Or at dinner time when feeling grateful for the food we eat-if the kids are at the table to model the way? What if everyone knew that 95% of North Americans believe in a Higher Power? Would we let go of the notion that we cant say things that affirm a belief in a spiritual realm. Interestingly enough, the biggest problem we have with others and spirituality is when we begin to talk of religious doctrine. So, what if we go beyond religious doctrine? What if we were to keep our language at a generic level? Some do anyway: A Higher Power, the Universe, is an example of keeping it generic. In this way, we might be more apt to stay out of areas that affect another persons belief system. Are we getting New Age-like here? Not really, just generic. So, in generic terms, what exactly does that mean to have your Higher Power in the Board Room? If that means you would have all of your resources available to you, wouldnt you want it to happen? Does that mean that we pray before meetings, like Cher (the singer) and her team used to do before concerts? Actually, it means different things to different people. When we meditate, we know that each person meditates differently based on their personal style and belief system. Meditation can be a combined effort for greater spiritual awareness, using all of your senses in alignment with your belief systems. For some, it is another word for prayer, and for others meditation is an instrument for focusing and centering all aspects of the mind, body and spirit. Wouldnt focusing and centering be an advantage to any situation, regardless of belief system? Would business and community be ready to use all of the resources available to them if it meant that they would get more and keep more? The answer is yes! We are ready for this kind of evolution. We are a people starving for spiritual depth in a Universe filled with spiritual abundance. In fact, there is abundance everywhere, and yet most of us dont feel we get enough, we feel deprived Getting more abundance in our lives means taking our spirit into every area of our life. I am not saying to thump that Bible, I am saying to live better, more integrated life. If we work on a better self, we have an opportunity to truly contribute to humanity. We dont have to have big contributions. Simply looking at how we can make things work for everyone is a winning response; it is a right attitude, an enlightened attitude. We can collaborate together to make every daily event a true victory in living. True collaboration is to operate from the position that we are in this universe together. We can do this in business or in a familywe are a community of one people, making small wins that we offer to the whole. We are united by our common humanity reaching out to bring together one spirit of winning for all. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: