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Taiwan media said the mainland 20 fighters fraud: actually made out of stealth fighters recently CCTV "cross strait" program, it highlights a bit more, but also inherited a real Army colonel block mantle, in a more direct way of fighting. In the just concluded Zhuhai airshow, Chinese unveiled a variety of sophisticated weapons and equipment, has attracted worldwide attention, but the Taiwan media have a completely different interpretation. For the system, firepower killer AR-3 rocket, Taiwan media that some key Military airports on the west coast of Taiwan will become AR-3 rockets coverage. Is only the external appearance of new weapons, but Taiwan worry, just to show. Our two sides a pro, and did not say that you want to fight, what are you anxious? Colonel and real soldiers fired, bluntly pointed out that your authorities in Taiwan does not recognize the "92 consensus", two in the military provocation, "do you want to continue, not doing these shameful things here, provocative things, you will feel the neck behind the cold?" Of course, the neck behind the cold and there is another important reason, AR-3 rocket power really should not be underestimated. "According to our foreign arms exports now such a parameter, the maximum 370 mm can hit the range of about 220 kilometers, it should be said that the front of the airport within our range." "If you consider a range of models for, hit more than 300 kilometers, the central Taiwan mountains to the west, almost all is not only the airport, your navy naval base, various army base, including your command center, all without exception, in my 300 kilometers shoot Cheng Zhinei." The Taiwan side, rendering rocket huge threat, but the other side is to taunt f -20. The 20 fighters, Taiwan questioned, "China, there is no way to develop the new stealth fighter", on the question of Taiwan’s Defense Department officials put forward "the first of the 20 suspected fighters on the tail of Taiwan, does not comply with the people’s Liberation Army convention, second is the current level of technology of PLA, should also failed to grasp to promote the turbofan engine technology of the fourth generation of large aircraft". Yes, this is Taiwan, which is in line with the Taiwan convention. After all, in the eyes of the Taiwan, Shenzhou seven, No. nine, No. ten…… It’s all fake. The 20 fighters fake real soldier Colonel very helpless, professional day hundreds of foreign manufacturers, the public day million people, fake? Play a joke…… The real soldiers also catch colonel for Taiwan mentality and logic through. No matter what, out of things, Taiwan’s logic is this: first I think you made out of second if you really get out of this thing, I think you are a fake third if not false, you this thing, certainly not you play so good Colonel, you so directly, really good! The colonel is real soldiers follow the tide, on the spot to share one piece: whether you have what, I have three male! You have the shield ship, I have three male you have a Liaoning ship carrier, I have three male you have F-10, I have three male you have strategic bombers, I have three male you have 20 fighters, I have three male…… Feel like this again, real soldiers will be among the red net series colonel…… According to the real soldiers, this year’s Zhuhai air show is just.相关的主题文章: