Suzhou golden dragon to respond to new energy vehicles cheat fill event being rectification – Sohu

Suzhou Jinlong responded to the new energy automotive cheat up event: is the rectification of the Sohu news Beijing Nanjing in September 18,   (reporter Zhong Sheng) according to United Automotive Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Suzhou dragon") new energy vehicles cheat up about 18 days, the Suzhou Municipal Commission by letter said according to Suzhou Jinlong has begun to implement the punishment. Suzhou Golden Dragon brand management minister Wu Zhongqin also confirmed that the company is in the rectification". 5 new energy vehicles to cheat and fill the bulletin published in September 18th, after 10 days, the reporter visited the Suzhou Golden Dragon is located in the city of Suzhou Su Dong road. From the outside, the factory is still in production as usual, from time to time there are loading personnel and accessories of the bus and truck. Asked about the "cheat fill" the relevant circumstances, the guard and the workers are exposed to a slightly embarrassed smile, and then back to "not clear", "never heard of". Reporters contacted the Suzhou Golden Dragon brand management minister Wu Zhongqin, the other responded that public power is considered to deal with, I also Secretary for state-owned enterprises, so the rectification". But he declined an interview request, also did not disclose further. Suzhou City Commission by letter, a staff member of the emerging industry also said that the punishment and rectification of Suzhou Jinlong has begun, but also refused to explain the details. In early 2016, the Ministry of finance to carry out a special inspection of the new energy vehicle manufacturers in 90. Inspection found that some production enterprises in violation of relevant laws and regulations, suspected of defrauding financial subsidies. Part of the vehicle is not sold to the consumer on the early declaration of subsidies, many vehicles to receive subsidies after idle. September 8th, the Ministry of Finance informed the results of the special inspection. Suzhou Jinlong, GMC, Shenzhen Wuzhou dragon and other 5 enterprises were criticized. Among them, the Suzhou golden dragon to 520 million yuan of illegal subsidies topped the first. Another car company in Suzhou, Jim West because of malicious fraud to fill the plot, was canceled the vehicle production qualification. As a large state-owned enterprises, Suzhou Golden Dragon in 2015 produced a total of 10540 new energy buses. Pure electric passenger car production 6670, plug-in bus production was 3870, the total number of the industry ranked in the top second. Which only pure electric car sales reached about 8000000000 yuan. Comparison of the notification of substandard new energy vehicles 1683 units, Suzhou Golden Dragon problem vehicles accounted for about 16% of the total production. According to the requirements of punishment, 4 car companies including Suzhou Jinlong, will be recovered 2015 year on illegal vehicle access to the central financial assistance earmarked funds, and shall be fined according to the amount of the issue 50%. Suzhou Jinlong fine amount of 260 million yuan. At the same time, since 2016, the cancellation of the 4 central financial subsidies. The Ministry of industry and information technology will be removed from the issue of "energy saving and new energy vehicle demonstration and extension of the application of Engineering recommended models directory" to be removed. Suzhou Jinlong’s parent company – listed companies in Xiamen Jinlong automobile group Limited by Share Ltd said in a statement, Suzhou Jinlong cheat up a penalty "will directly reduce the 2016 net profit attributable to the parent company 315 million 420 thousand and 100 yuan, will be the company’s 2.相关的主题文章: