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Suzhou City quest Millennium Mudu town – Sohu has been on the ancient town tourism is fond of, think it is a microcosm of the times, keep the original style, a water house, every tree and bush, or if all of that era of life. Go down in the corner of the town, but also can find the past lives of their own. The long history of the city of Suzhou, natural and ultimately, most of the old town. They may be exposed to the shutter People are hurrying to and fro. formed a picture frame, representative pictures, or quiet enjoy precipitation charm. Mudu Town, a town west of Suzhou, adjacent to Taihu, Emperor Qian Long had six places to visit, a good place for people. Surrounded by hills, a few steps on the road to lingyanshan. The town saved a large number of bridges and buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasty culture, full of Jiangnan’s pleasure. The experience of Jiangnan garden "Yan garden" of the ancient beauty of exquisite design. If you go to Suzhou to experience the water culture, Mudu is undoubtedly the best place, from the Qianlong parade South left Royal pier is not difficult to appreciate Mudu unique charm, but there is some attractions tickets, Yan gardens, Bangyan now are to be charged spots. Small bridges, flowing water, boats, definitely worth a visit. Walking in the old streets, old town feel, maybe you no longer touch the stones, but Mudu history, you can take the boat, feel the charm from the "Oriental Venice" in rickety boats. No city noise, only natural quiet and detached, watching the paddle ripple Dangqi, perhaps history is like a river far more swing. Folk customs and the combination of the classic landscape, the water is a dream of many people. Lazy afternoon, full of memories of the taste of chairs, bridges, and other people, that sort of picture, whether had emerged in your mind? In the ancient town, to experience the quiet life, the gentle water, will make your life a more romantic. Keep those lost things past, into the countryside town of water, not too much luxury, just let you carry more inner peace. Is a stream of xiangxi. Because the beauty and fragrance Zhen Xi, for beauty and the name. The beauty and the maid bathing in a stream, so the stream powder accumulation, aroma is dense, is for xiangxi. A bridge to bridge wing, has Wubaishiji years of history. Bridge for the single hole granite arch bridge, arch bridge for spacious boat, Ge Luo Hang, interesting. Sitting in the boat boatman swaying, drawn in the river, through a small bridge, appeared in front of a different beauty, intoxicated. I look at the scenery on the boat, the scenery flowing in the painting. The Millennium town, so deep in this generally clear Jiangnan jasper. As a gift of antique garden, after thousands of years of history of washing, evolved into today’s appearance. White tiles as if the time back to ancient times, as can be seen not far from the Jiangnan long paper fan, laughing Yaxiang. Jingdanban Road, exquisite floral shirts, shoes, paper wooden umbrella, and then slowly away from the boat, I think the Jiangnan water drops, or whether to have not been to the people, must have.相关的主题文章: