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.puters-and-Technology Over the past decade IT educational system has matured in terms of the emphasis it lays on the application of the concepts. Today almost every Engineering program through any Indian University includes Summer Training as an important part of the curriculum. The objective of this program is to enhance the knowledge of the students on different cutting edge technologies which is an integral part of respective industry. Though the students today are in a dilemma as in what exactly does this training mean. This is a result of the diversification of the terminology to describe these programs. Hence most of the students always run to obtain merely a certificate or a project letter and due to this there is serious lack of trained professionals with the desired skill sets to take on the ever increasing demand of the industry. This leads to a total failure of the very purpose for which the expert academicians have designed the very curriculum. The training has been designated as Summer Internship or summer training or Project or Summer Project etc. so on and so forth. The crux of the matter is that the students are no more unaware of the training or internship, but what they are exactly unaware of is the purpose behind it. The summer training programs are actually a 6-8 week short term program on any of the chosen technology that equips the students with the in-depth knowledge of that technology with the hands on experience while working on the Live Projects. These IT Training programs are actually a golden opportunity for the students to learn some technologies which are not a part of their curriculum, which in turn catalyzes the smooth transition from college to workplace. There are certain advantages of these programs which are not realized by the students, these are: In-depth knowledge of a technology in addition to the normal classroom teaching. Specialized knowledge of a technology, which provides the students with a platform to choose a career in future. Gives the students a chance to apply into actual practice the fundamentals and the concepts that they learn through the books. A taste of working life for students. Skill Acquisition which the students can highlight in their CVs. So the students need to be even more careful while choosing a right option for doing their summer trainings as it is this time utilized in a proper manner which reaps good results at the end of their studies, when they face the job world. Many of the students realize the importance of this period on the .pletion of the course when they face cut throat .petition at the time of the placements. Those who realize the worth of this time well in advance are the ones who walk out of the interview rooms with smiling faces and taste success in life!!! 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