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The Secret Behind Subliminal Weight Loss Tapes Posted By: Connie H. Deutsch The Secret Behind Subliminal Weight Loss Tapes by Connie H. Deutsch Many years ago, I came across an ad for subliminal weight loss tapes. The ad was very clever. It said that you could play these subliminal tapes while you were reading, vacuuming the house, studying for exams, or even watching television and you would lose weight. I had been on vacation and had gained some weight after eating those delicious, calorie-laden, restaurant meals, so I was up for anything that would help me achieve my objective without strenuous dieting. The company gave you a choice of buying different kinds of music: The Classics, Easy Listening, New Age Music, and Mellow Rock. I was ecstatic. I bought them all and I couldn’t wait to hear them. Each tape came with a printed script of the words that were embedded in the music you were hearing. It said that you have absolute positive control of your weight and that unwanted fat is melting off your body. It also said that you prefer small portions of food and have a strong urge to eat only health-giving and nutritional foods.

subliminal tapes There Are Geniune Reasons Why We Have Panic And Anxiety In Our Lives Posted By: Joeden Dunne Panic and anxiety can have a devastating impact on your life. In this article I want to talk about how to deal with this kind of problem. To understand what we have to do to deal with high levels of anxiety and panic attacks we have to start by understanding what exactly they are and why they exist at all. We use many words to describe the problem but at the core of it, all we are dealing with is fear. Panic is nothing but an acute form of fear. Anxiety on the other hand is a severe case of fear. Anxiety may have a lower intensity than panic but because it sticks to you, it can have an even bigger negative impact on your quality of life. So what is fear? Fear is a physiological response of the body to the mind’s detection of a sign of danger. It doesn’t matter if there is in fact danger because the whole point of fear is motivating you to pay attention. It is a way of your subconscious mind telling your conscious mind "Hey, hold on! Something is not right!

panic and anxiety Attract Abundance Easily Using These 3 Subconscious Mind Power Techniques Posted By: GregFrost Living in abundance is very much possible if you care to pay the price for it. No one succeeds in life by accident. You don’t get rich simply by wishing it. There are certain vital steps you must take. You can always attract abundance easily when you engage specific Subconscious Mind Power Techniques. They are simply various avenues you must engage in empowering your subconscious for greater success in life. It’s easy to attract abundance when you engage the techniques consistently. Here are 3 of techniques you need to use often. 1. Positive Affirmation This is one of the most vital Subconscious Mind Power Techniques you need to use on daily basis. They are usually contained in quality subliminal resources. A good number of subliminal tapes and CDs do come with lots of positive affirmations aimed at re-conditioning your mind for success. You need to locate the types that focus on success tips and how you can attract abundance. They abound in various websites dealing on subliminal technology. You need to listen to the affirmations on daily basis. You also need to speak to yourself with them. Your subconscious is greatly impacted when you use the affirmations on every day.

subconscious mind power techniques Do Subliminal Weight Loss Tapes Work? Posted By: Connie H. Deutsch Many years ago, I came across an ad for subliminal weight loss tapes. I was familiar with the concept of subliminal messages because I remembered a hotly contested issue about movie theaters using this technique to make you buy their popcorn. It was referred to as an unconscious perception, or perception without awareness, which allows your eyes to see something before your brain has time to process the message. I remembered being blown away by the way the mind could be programmed to buy a product with just a visual suggestion that the human eye couldn’t see. They said that this was a proven concept that when you went to a movie theater, at some point the word popcorn would flash on and off the screen so quickly that you couldn’t see it, but immediately after it appeared on the screen, there would be a mass exodus of people leaving their seats to go to the lobby to buy popcorn. The ad was very clever. It said that you could play these subliminal tapes while you were reading, vacuuming the house, studying for exams, or even watching television and you would lose weight.

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Subliminal Messages A Picture Of What Our Future Could Look Like Posted By: Norma Hickox In the future everyone will be functioning as soul-infused personalities. Life will not be filled with fighting and murder and emotional upsets as it is today, but it will not be boring either. Countries will keep their identity as far as customs, dress and language, although all people will know the Universal Communication Language. Countries will hold national fairs, so to speak, to display their own customs and crafts. These will be highlights of tourism each year and will be looked forward to avidly. Everyone will have the same spiritual concepts. The Kingdom of God being within each one and the dignity of man will be the most important facts for all to live by. Universal law will be the supreme law for all countries. Our future will be likened to opening the door to a bright, clean, new house and furnishing and equipping that new house with the best possible furnishings and equipment. This future will be based on the Age of Creativity. Each one of us will learn to express our inner self and our feelings in an outward way. This will be achieved with the expression of the soul taking place through the arts.

future Healing Benefits From Light And Music Posted By: Norma Hickox All living matter in the universe has a spark of the Creator in it. This matter never disappears completely from the recycling that is the basis of the planet’s existence, with the exception of the husk, or form that the minute subatomic particles are enclosed in. The way our electric light works is by making use of the particles after they are dead. This is similar to a "legacy" they leave behind them. It is comparable to the books you leave behind after you have made your transition. They will "light up" the existence of future generations. The same thing is true of our electricity. It actually was produced eons ago and is a legacy left behind by the trillions and trillions of subatomic particles that caused it to be available. Light is indeed organic. Light has thinking abilities far beyond what anyone gives it credit for having. The organic quality of light is not found in the visible light range though. It is found in the invisible spectrum. By the time they form the light that we see with our eyes they are dead particles.

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