Study of husband wife let liar transfer black hands toward the foreign students in Beijing tencent upd

Study of "husband" to let his wife transfer fraud black hands toward foreign students – Beijing reporter correspondent Qin Ning Gongxuan Gongxuan Jinling Evening News reporter Xu Ning edited a seemingly ordinary second-hand goods trading links, who thought behind actually contains a premeditated fraud. Click on a casual, overseas Chinese buyers, QQ became the victim of manipulation. Criminals posing as victims immediately to its domestic relatives, wantonly fraud. Recently, Nanjing Qinhuai police went to Guangxi, successfully destroyed a lie abroad transnational telecommunications fraud Gang, arresting 6 suspects, involving up to 100 thousand yuan has been verified. The case study playback "husband" let the wife transfer at 100 thousand and 6 month 24 days, Nanjing City Public Security Bureau Qinhuai branch Ruijin Road police station received a public warning that Miss Lin, someone on QQ posing as her husband, he cheated 100 thousand yuan. It turned out that Miss Lin’s husband has been studying in the United States, the day of the incident in the morning, she received a video request sent to her husband QQ. Is not only a picture, video sound, husband figure also appears only a few seconds, the picture is fast black. Lin explained to the direction of the recent mobile phone into the water, the camera out of trouble. Subsequently, Mr. Wu in a variety of excuses to miss Lin as soon as possible to one hundred thousand yuan to take care of his professor, Miss Lin immediately to the professor’s account remitted money. Because of the time difference, until 9 o’clock in the evening, Miss Lin contact with her husband was found to be fooled, it is estimated that there was a hoax, and then rushed to the police station for help. Wu reminded himself a few days ago on the QQ and the sale of second-hand bike conversation, but also sent to the other side of the link to fill out the QQ account information. The police tracked 50 days across the provinces a fraud gangs take away by Mopai Dunshou for more than a month, the police have traced to Guangdong Foshan, Guangxi Binyang, to find out the basic situation of the fraud gang. In late August, the police quickly attack destroyed a fraud Gang, 6 suspects were all arrested. The police seized the tools of crime computer 2, 1, 4 mobile phone card, black card phone more than and 20. The police will suspect back to Nanjing. In the face of irrefutable evidence, the suspect confessed the crime. Principal Jiang Mou account, students staring at they buy second-hand items in the foreign forum as the deception target. Then get in touch with the buyer plus QQ, before the transaction buyers will usually ask to see second-hand goods photos, the suspect took the opportunity to purchase the Trojan link to each other. As long as the buyer a little, his QQ number, the password will be automatically obtained by Jiang et al. At the same time, criminals use coercive video software to save each other image. In order to win the trust after playing with their relatives. Jiang did not expect that he also encountered a liar. It turned out that Miss Lin to Professor remittance bank account, fraud Gang bought on the internet. One hundred thousand yuan after the arrival of suspect withdrawals found, actually only twenty thousand of the balance of the card. After the inquiry, the rest of the money was just ten minutes before the pirates brush. "It must be the man who sold my card!" At present, the suspect has been under criminal detention by the police, the case is further.相关的主题文章: