Spotlight On Teslar Large 2dd-f-fsmop-ay-antik

Business The Philip Stein Teslar large watch (2DD-F-FSMOP-AY) is truly a flexible, chic accessory for any woman to possess. The double sub-dials and rimmed edges give it a high-quality finish and a certain gleam on the wrist that is hard to resist. In particular, the watch with the stainless steel case and canary yellow leather strap is a cheerful, bright spot of genius that can be worn with an upbeat, casual outfit, or a canary-yellow cocktail dress, or even as a bright spot of color for an otherwise demure work outfit. The mother of pearl dial adds a sheer layer of opalescent glow to the face, giving it a classy, girlish look. The diamond-coated, non-rotating bezel adds pizzazz and a touch of expense to the watch, casually informing the observer of the nature of the Philip Stein status symbol. The crystal over the face is only the highest class, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, that adds that iridescent gleam that is the signature of a truly quality watch. The crystal is also frosted, .plementing the mother of pearl, softer look, making the watch slightly more feminine. Feminine it may be, but weak it is not. The watch is water resistant up to 100 feet underwater, and the band is secured to the 50 x 32mm case with a strong tang clasp. The watch is make with precise parts that do not wear out over time, and it is warranty protected. The band itself is called mustard yellow, though it is a slightly less dour color than that name would suggest. It is of luxe alligator skin, polished to shiny perfection, gleaming all 20mm across. The retail price of this watch is $2,855.00, but it all but pays for itself with the Teslar technology chip that is contains, using a scalar waveform to collapse the surrounding electromagnetic fields in the environment, leaving the body surrounded by the earth’s natural frequency of 7 to 9 hertz. This technology help return the body to its unfettered state, less stressed, full of peaceful energy, rejuvenated and more able to heal. People who have tried the watches with the Teslar chip report less occurrence of chronic pain, lessening of anxiety and stress symptoms, and a greater ability to over.e normal insomnia. With the peaceful effects of the chip, you’ll carry yourself with more poise and elegance than ever before. With the health benefits, the fashion benefits, and the status benefits, the Philip Stein Large Watch is more than worth the initial cost: it’s an investment for a lifetime. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: