Souls of the blade TGA winter semi-finals Festival finals staged giants of destiny!

Souls of the blade TGA winter semi-finals Festival finals staged giants of destiny! Yesterday, the 2016 "souls blade" TGA winter tournament 8 into the last battle 4 online game has ended, from the EHOME group of losers deus ex, won the match tickets last line. From December 2nd to December 3rd, Team.WE, EP, GT, EHOME four Marines will gather in Jiangsu Hao Jiang Taicang, in thousands of game player attention, championship awards. The semi-finals against giants released quitting TGA winter tournament will be a period of two days, double elimination format, the first is the Team.WE and EP club competition, competing for the TGA winter tournament "souls blade" project finals first places. As the last summer TGA Championship: Team.WE won the title of veteran teams for a long time, have the most luxurious full of members of the squad, playing style sound, through good players ability and strong team execution, the rule of war. In the final, Team.WE will have to face is just to get rid of "born" in the title, of the Golden Eagle challenge gains first champion of the EP club, the pedestria, is a veteran team Team.WE singing all the way, or is the best EP grew in courage, will be one of the souls of the blade TGA winter tournament biggest suspense. Never give up, enemies who will rule the roost and unfortunately in the loser group GT and EHOME club will be competing for the finals ended, a battle for survival. As the traditional electronic sports teams of the EHOME, after more than six months of running, has gradually revealed towering last month’s Team.WE summit beat favourites, Nanyang Cup "souls blade" masters champion. EHOME won the cup "Nanyang souls blade" masters trophy review two team scores, EHOME not long ago in the Nanyang Cup semi-final to record 2:0 zero GT, let GT frustrated. But this time in the winter of TGA tournament on the EHOME meet again, facing the enemy, whether former king GT can prove himself again, staged shaking revenge, the coveted trophy in the bag? December 2nd Jiangsu Taicang, "souls blade" TGA winter tournament line match will be officially unveiled, four gaming giants team between UPS, who will win the Champions League glory, let us wait and see! On the souls of the blade "souls blade" is composed of Netdragon Pro development, Tencent exclusive operator of the world’s first online micro end MOBA. In 2015 gradually United WCA, Tencent TGA, CIG and other comprehensive brand events, launched a number of events module with CPL occupation League as the core; at the same time, the introduction of a large number of WE, LGD (micro-blog), EHOME, EP and other first-line occupation club, a full range of occupation training, as the tournament inexhaustible vitality. At present, the total prize in 2016 has exceeded 15 million yuan. "The souls of the blade" website:相关的主题文章: