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Soldiers are not afraid of hardship, not afraid of death haze? Army: the science protection is not afraid of the Liberation Army Daily News – Sohu news November 17th, winter haze, unexpected bursts. For the majority of officers and soldiers, haze days, guard, patrol and other outdoor activities, the same can not be less. Soldiers should wear masks on duty? Haze days reduce outdoor training volume is not fragile? The day before, the reporter linked to the Department of Air Force officials, part of the air force troops and the relevant medical experts, jointly haze days and discuss how to protect health. Topic: anti haze masks influence the image of soldiers? Healthy and handsome can have both last year, the air staff working directly under the bureau to customize a number of air force has the characteristics of anti haze masks, distributed to organs and units directly under the brigade stationed in. The soldiers get blown away, but the guard soldiers wearing masks on duty photos of the network exposure, but mixed reviews. The majority of users to humanity measures forces of praise, but there are also a few people think that wearing a uniform wearing masks of military image temperament "," questioning "is not a violation of the rules and regulations"". Haze days, the reporter saw in the air force compound gate posts, guard soldiers on duty when wearing anti haze masks color as "air force blue", is printed on the upper left corner air sign, in coordination with the air force uniform color, beautiful and generous. Many users want to be able to buy the same air anti haze masks "message, the reporter confirms the aesthetic view. A soldier wearing a mask is not a violation of "Regulations" issue, the reporter consulted technically "China people’s Liberation Army house rules", and did not find the relevant provisions. The air force lands network part-time lawyer Gao Zhijie told reporters, according to the "no banned, namely the principles of law, the military is allowed to wear anti haze masks, but need to comply with relevant requirements" on the military dress interior service regulations ", which should be" clean solemn, rigorous, standardized and unified in volume". Chief of air staff working directly under the Bureau of Cai Bin said, to keep healthy is to keep fighting, the allotment of anti haze masks reflects the heads, organs of health care care. In an accompanying mask when they consider the anti haze performance and uniform wear appearance requirements, through multiple comparison, selection, determine the purchase at present this anti haze masks. Guard soldier Lin Zhiyuan told the family to wear the "air force" anti haze masks, mother praised the "healthy and handsome". Topic two: haze days reduce outdoor training volume is not fragile? Protective consciousness also fighting power in October 19th, the Beijing Municipal Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow haze warning signal, Air Guard camp will be planned and adjusted for the indoor outdoor combat skills teaching and learning rules phase business assessment, sentry guard on duty wear masks. Haze days to reduce outdoor training, once the emergency happened in the haze days, the soldiers can skillfully handle it?" The reporter asked the guard battalion Chen Guowei. He replied that the first line of soldiers in the haze environment for long time, the personal health of the officers and men will cause adverse effects, which is common sense. If the haze environment in the organization of large intensity training, is bound to increase the adverse effects..相关的主题文章: