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"Sister sister" Lu Qianqing released new smart warmth of love – Lu Qian sweet entertainment Sohu Lu Qian and Qian Lu and Siqin Gaowa director of interactive entertainment Sohu directed by Xu Zongzheng, Siqin Gaowa, Yan Yikuan, Lu Qian starring the legendary blockbuster "sister sister" will be launched in Anhui satellite TV in November 8th, and held a press conference in today in Beijing. 90 actor Lu Qian plays delicate inner fortitude two daughter Song Xialan in a corner of the play, regardless of personal danger weiaichikuang; Xiwai Lu Qianqing new smart conference and Siqin Gaowa teacher frequently interact, warm picture. Lu Qianrou with just love their offer more fear of the "first time" conference, Lu Qian elegant and generous, when her smile let the audience wondering, as if Song Xialan comes across. Share the shooting fun in the studio, Lu Qian broke this role gave his many "first", "sister sister" is her first attempt in drama, and challenge the role of a wife for the first time, although she plays in the rough road, but the heart of perseverance, the face of her husband’s 100 like difficulties still never abandon. Today, sister and sister is about to meet with the audience, Lu said he was also looking forward to. Lu Qianqing’s new smart graceful gentle love interactive touching Lu Qian plays Song Xialan Song family miss, gentle and amiable, considerate, there are a lot of scenes in the play and Siqin Gaowa’s mother teacher. In the conference site and asked the old play bone filming will not have the pressure, Lu Qian and Siqin Gaowa said the teacher together filming a special honour, she will drive their emotions, so with her filming particularly benefit, Mr. Gova also responded to the two special warm heart love daughter, Lu Qian was shy, there is an interaction of love moving. The director also highly commented: the most happy thing is to meet a good actor. It is reported that the "sister sister" this drama Lu Qian’s Song Xialan to save the song Jiacuo marry, road twists and turns, is a major part of the show not to be missed, it is worth looking forward to.相关的主题文章: