Sichuan Pingchang a college entrance exam because of household registration error is the elite disci

Sichuan Pingchang a college entrance exam because of household registration error is tuidang elite discipline involved in the Beijing – this year’s college entrance examination results came out, Sichuan province Pingchang County arts champion Jia Yongyu only happy for a week, he received the Zhongshan University admission notice cancelled ". After investigation, the Dazhou household registration in Quxian County, School of Pingchang County, according to the policy can not enjoy in 68 poor counties of Sichuan national special plan. In the candidates have been recorded in the review, the abolition of admission. At present, Jia Yongyu has to apply makeup in the universities of Sichuan Province, is in accordance with the relevant procedures for approval. Pingchang County, said the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the people involved in the matter is responsible for the investigation and handling. The non domicile candidates to declare impoverished county special plan through layers of review according to Jia Yongyu’s father, Jia Yongyu’s residence in Dazhou Quxian County, because of childhood belonging to the "left-behind children", has been with grandmother, go to school in Pingchang county. Entrance on the eve of her in the teacher’s suggestion to declare a "Poverty County independent recruitment and the special plan, in accordance with the regulations, the Pingchang county national poverty counties candidates can apply for this special program, the college entrance examination will receive 10 points. Jia said: because the teacher saw a special plan on the name of Jia Yongyu let her report, she also said that the household registration is not in Pingchang, but the teacher said that since the list has a name on it. She did not think much, reported, and successfully passed the audit." Does not match the conditions by elite champion tuidang points makeup to two this June 22nd, the college entrance examination results announced, Jia Yongyu became the champion of Pingchang County Arts with a score of 596, more than 2016 in Sichuan undergraduate batch of 56 points. Plus 10 points special program, Jia Yongyu to the total score of 606 was admitted to Zhongshan University. But a week later, Jia received a phone Pingchang County admissions office, said the other party found that Jia Yongyu does not meet the qualifications of the special plan plus conditions, admission was canceled, only to re submit the Sichuan university. Jia said the father, because Sichuan has missed the voluntary reporting time, only Bulu specialist. Finally, through the coordination of the parties, Jia Yongyu was a makeup to the Chengdu University of Technology in September 22nd two the only report to the school. The public security department is refers to the examinee registration in accordance with the classification error in the Investigation Commission for Discipline Inspection on the implementation of the "Ministry of education and other special programs in poor areas targeted enrollment notice", candidates in poor areas of special admissions program, must meet the conditions including the year college entrance examination application conditions, the household registration in poor counties (districts), three years of senior high school in the poverty-stricken counties (districts). Pingchang County admissions office a responsible person, the cause of the above situation, is the local public security departments in the examinee registration error classification, led Jia Yongyu into the Pingchang County domicile candidates, and through the school admissions audit, review the audit bureau of education qualification, until the candidates only to find errors in the admitted, led to the now the consequences of. This is just the admissions letter saying, no response to public security departments. College entrance examination was abolished after being admitted to the elite, the result is the biggest harm to the candidates themselves, it is necessary to investigate the matter clearly, give the candidate a statement, while avoiding similar things repeat. Otherwise, such a thing can.相关的主题文章: