Shen Teng computer efficiency is responsible for the audience and performance candy candy

Shen Teng: computer efficiency is responsible for the audience and the performance of the PC change is a hot topic of discussion in recent years the industry. The smart mobile devices, as well as the hardware space to improve the performance of traditional PC in the tightening effect, necessity, update frequency etc. facing greater challenges. On the one hand, part of the function of traditional PC is gradually replaced by smart mobile devices, PC is no longer necessary equipment for people to work and entertainment; on the other hand, with the PC hardware performance is gradually shrinking, a considerable number of users slowed down the speed of updating PC. Coupled with the rapid development of the industry into a high degree of saturation, PC new speed has fallen into a relatively backward state. However, in practice, three years, five years old PC watched enough, but in fact has been gradually revealed the disadvantages of "bad performance", especially in the professional field, facing the new form of old computer application has become more and more difficult. For example, the field of design, photography, film editing, 3D modeling, VR design, game design, the old PC has clearly revealed weakness. The video clips for example, now shoot sources more and more high specification, larger capacity, the performance of the late computer requirements, ordinary computer or old computer is already unable to meet the load requirements, in this regard, the industry has a profound experience. So, today’s film and television industry on the PC has what kind of request? In the practical application of the new and old PC experience in the end how? With this problem, we respectively for Mr. Shen Teng and Beijing happy twist arts management company performance department technical director Mr. Xie Bin conducted an interview, see how they look at these problems? · Shen Teng: although not commonly used computer but the speed is still very important in 2012 to 2015, four times in the spring festival experience, plus 1 billion 441 million yuan at the box office comedy film "Sherlock worry", Shen Teng, happy twist team known to the public. The evening of November 2, 2016, is well-known drama "happy twist team Wulongshan Earl" tour ending the war, before that, we had an interview with Shen teng. Compared to the film and television drama, drama is more difficult, after all, the real-time performance will always encounter some unexpected situation, in this case, we need to avoid the occurrence of accidents show actor. In this sense, Shen Teng said, "emergency situation will depend on all of us. Remember the 2003 act first "now you want to eat twist twist" when Sheenah is hanging WIA to the above, she sat on the swing, very dangerous action, she holding the microphone down, just in the last act, after I told the other actors’ manager, we also said, to make money, the real cover also need to fix ", under took the applause, because the audience know that this is a stage of accident, also know Feng Yuan every good, will give you applause, to give you encouragement. Including a dress rehearsal, I told Ma Li and Du Xiaoyu. One day Ma Li forgot the words, she said, then quickly Teng brother, Xiao Yu outside, we were only half a day fell down in the past, the director to see for a long time did not see it, Xiao Yu later said you late today, Xiao Yu said. Have some"相关的主题文章: