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Shanghai Taiwan Buddhism held "concentric counterparts" album Premiere – Beijing, China News Agency, Shanghai, September 19 (reporter Li Jiajia) Shanghai Taiwan Buddhism 19, held at Jingan Temple in Shanghai — "concentric counterparts across the Strait to commemorate the seventy anniversary of victory in the ten party to commend the landair Dafa" large pictures premiere. A year ago today, Shanghai City Buddhist Association of Taiwan, New Taipei City Buddhist Association of Kinmen County Buddhist Association in Shanghai, Longhua Temple grand start building "cross strait to commemorate the seventy anniversary of victory in the ten party Chaojian landair Dafa, the characteristic of the Buddhist faith party, and commend the heroic dedication of the memorial martyrs and soldiers and civilians were killed. To record this moment in history truthfully, the Buddhist Association of Shanghai president Huiming monk’s advocacy and under the auspices of carefully edited and published "concentric counterparts — on both sides of the Strait to commemorate the seventy anniversary of victory in the ten party Chaojian air Dafa" large pictures. The book has 300 pages, divided from all walks of life hold and origin of preparation, reception, thousands of monks, and pursuing ceremony, amphibious puja, Shanghai visit, news reports, law, law and other tidbits will summarize the 10 part, a compilation of key activities from all walks of life, and to address the wonderful pictures. Especially in the "support from all walks of life", a collection of former Taiwan leader Ma Ying-Jeou, former chairman of the Kuomintang China Lien Chan and Wu Boxiong, President of the Federation of Chinese traditional religion of Wang Jinping, chairman of the new party Yu Muming and other politicians on both sides, as well as honorary president of the Buddhist Association of China Chuan Indian elders, President of the Buddhist Association of Chinese Xue Cheng monk, venerable long inscription the nebula and other overseas monks by the elders. Huiming monk said on the day of the speech, "as this is what we see, in the" Edit "album" concentric counterparts is to inform the present and future of cross-strait four Buddhist and the disciples, the same vision, our same goal, the same wishes, it is the well-being of both sides the public is our common wish. We will use the album again show that magnificent solemn law will be grateful and touched by the scene, and our gratitude and thanks, feelings and tell more people, the meaning of peace is very important and significant. With gratitude attitude about once every one lost lives with compassion and love every moment of social life. China cross-strait cultural property Exchange Promotion Association honorary chairman Wang Shuizhong said today will be officially published album, witnessed the compatriots on both sides of the same root, the flesh and blood of a family. "At the moment, compatriots on both sides to show the determination of the national unity and national integrity, and generous people’s love, cherish peace, heal the wounds of history. At the same time, we sincerely pray that cross-strait harmony and prosperity, the great rejuvenation of the nation, the Chinese people join hands together to create a better future." (end)相关的主题文章: