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Security guard found a suspicious man in the video alarm 28 floor ventilation wells uncovered new network thieves – Tianjin North news: in the morning, two foreign man sneaked into a residential area Beichen residential burglary, the security guards on duty monitoring and timely alarm lock. After the incident, the Public Security Bureau of Beichen police station and four mu day Criminal Investigation Brigade police arrived, the thieves started stalking two, eventually arrested the two thieves in the 28 storey building. August 29th at 1 pm, Beichen District Tianmu town of a district of the security guards on duty in video surveillance, found two men over the wall into the area, into the building 9. The security guard inside the elevator monitoring found two men secretive, low head, wearing white gloves and. Security Officer immediately to the police. Beichen Public Security Bureau police station and four mu day Criminal Investigation Brigade police arrived in time, by floor search, but found no trace of the two men suspected of. According to the residential property staff, a total of 28 floors of the building, most of the residents have to stay on the floor, only part of the floor has not been sold, uninhabited. Police analysis, two men may be hidden in the apartment where no one lives. So, please bring these property personnel to the key units of the housing, the investigation of several units. In August 29th 8 pm, police and security inspectors to the 28 floor of a unit room, found the door was locked, unable to open. Police analysis of two suspects in hiding in the house. At this time, the police saw a man from the corridor to the window to climb out from the apartment window, climbed up the Waiyan boarded outer window, climbed to the 28 floor roof terrace. Police led security guards ran down the stairs along the stairs, did not find traces of the suspect. When the police on the balcony search, another man climbed from the eaves to the balcony, but it has not yet been arrested on a stand. Careful police found the ventilation wells dusty side terrace had left traces, then with flashlight to ventilation according to that a man with his hands and feet to support behind the ventilation underground two or three meters, because the man has some tired, could not move. Two police have to vent to the well, the man was arrested in time. After the examination, a progenitor (29 years old, Yunnan province) has repeatedly been sentenced for theft, released from prison in June this year. His accomplices song (26 years old, Yunnan people) also because of theft of electric vehicles by the public security organs. Song in May this year, when working in Zhejiang province and the acquaintance of the ancestors, the two often gambling together. The evening of August 27th, two people ride a long-distance bus from Zhejiang to Tianjin, the next day after noon arrived in Tianjin began to find the target of crime. 29 on the morning of 1, they fled to a certain area of the town of Beichen Tian Mu, into a high-level burglary crime. The song "sentry", the progenitor of a technology to unlock the way of stealing the money. At present, a certain song, song suspicion of theft has been under criminal detention by the Public Security Bureau of Beichen. (North network editor Qu Lulin)相关的主题文章: