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Scientists first detected gravitational waves active stocks – Sohu securities and U.S. researchers announced that 11, they use the laser interferometer gravitational wave observatory (LIGO) in September last year for the first time to detect gravitational waves, confirmed the prediction of Einstein did 100 years ago, the same as the British experts said black hole astrophysics master Hocking, he believes that this is an important moment in the history of science. Hocking (Stephen Hawking) told the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) interview, said: the new way of related stock movements "gravitational waves provide a view of the universe, they found the ability, has the potential to change from revolutionary astronomy. The discovery is the first discovery of a two dimensional system of black holes, which is the first observation of black hole fusion." "In addition to testing (Einstein’s) general relativity, we can expect to see black holes through the history of the universe. We can even see the remains of the universe in the early days of the big bang and see some of its biggest energy, "Hocking said. The researchers announced that when two black holes collided about 1 billion 300 million years ago, two massive mass disturbances sent to earth on September 14, 2015 were detected by sophisticated instruments on earth. For the first time, scientists have detected gravitational waves, and laser concept stocks have been positive. As of now, the concept stocks are active. Attention: Fu Jing Technology (002222), China (000988), Han’s Laser Technology (002008). Source China Securities Network

科学家首次探测到引力波 概念股活跃-搜狐证券   美国科研人员11日宣布,他们利用激光干涉引力波天文台(LIGO)于去年9月首次探测到引力波,证实了爱因斯坦100年前所做的预测,同为黑洞专家的英国天文物理学大师霍金表示,他相信这是科学史上重要的一刻。  霍金(Stephen Hawking)在接受英国广播公司(BBC)专访时表示: 相关公司股票走势 “引力波提供看待宇宙的崭新方式,发现它们的能力,有可能使天文学起革命性的变化。这项发现是首度发现黑洞的二元系统,是首度观察到黑洞融合。”“除了检验(爱因斯坦的)广义相对论,我们可以期待透过宇宙史看到黑洞。我们甚至可以看到宇宙大爆炸时期初期宇宙的遗迹、看到其一些最大的能量”,霍金说。  研究人员宣布,当两个黑洞于约13亿年前碰撞,两个巨大质量结合所传送出的扰动,于2015年9月14日抵达地球,被地球上的精密仪器侦测到。  科学家首次探测到引力波,激光概念股迎利好,截止至目前,概念股活跃。关注:福晶科技(002222)、华工科技(000988)、大族激光(002008)。来源中国证券网)相关的主题文章: