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Business Natural Rubber Production India has been acclaimed as the third largest country producing natural rubber throughout the world. The southern part of the country yields the total requirement of natural rubber since the entire south western coastal area consists of rubber plantations spread over acres and acres of land. The growth of rubber trees and their enormous yield has provided an impetus to the development of the rubber products manufacturers India . The rubber and plastic industries are considered to be allied industries. One of the significant advantages of the thriving indigenous rubber industry in India is the production of natural rubber which eliminates the import of natural rubber from other exporting countries. It is indeed the fastest growing industries in the country. The Indigenous Rubber Industry The easy availability of natural rubber has resulted in a large number of rubber .ponent manufacturers as well as Plastic .ponents Manufacturers established throughout the country. In the domestic market, there is widespread use of rubber and plastic products in various industries. One of the industries that use the maximum rubber and plastic goods is the automobile manufacturing industries where hardened and soft rubber products are used as tires and tubes, rubber air bags, floor mats, rubber bumpers, mud flaps and dust covers. Since there are varying demands from various industries, the rubber manufacturing industry has geared itself to accept the challenging demands of the user industry. The Exporters The export market of rubber products to various other countries across the globe has encouraged rubber products exporters and rubber .ponents exporters as well as plastic .ponent exporters to diversify in to export of rubber products in the 85 countries in the international market that includes countries such as Germany, France, United Kingdom, UAE, United States, Italy, Saudi Arabia, countries on the African continent, Asian countries like Afghanistan and Bangla Desh. Although there has been a decline in exports to western countries, the Asian market still holds a fruitful promise. The export of rubber and plastic goods include pharmaceutical goods, rubber hoses, cots and aprons, rubber automobile tires and tubes, canvas and rubber footwear, rubber conveyor belts and rubber sheets. The Future Trend The future of the export of Indian rubber products is extremely brilliant and versatile. The growth of the rubber industry is expected to grow substantially thereby leading to an equally exponential growth of rubber products exports in the years to .e. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: