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Health If you find that your mobility restricts you to spending a lot of time either in bed or in a chair you will find that there are a number of mobility products which have been designed to improve you .fort. Such products include: Riser recliner chairs. Such chairs are ideal if you have limited mobility, or if you spend a lot of time being seated. These chairs are designed to aid you in both sitting and exiting the chair. They operate simply by lowering you from a near standing position to a seated position, then rising to a near standing position, when you wish to exit the chair. Riser recliner chairs .e in many styles and can include extras such as heated and message seats. As well as back up battery in the event of a power cut. High back chairs These chairs are similar to fireside chairs, and are designed to increased .fort by supporting both the back and head and can also assist in obtaining a good posture. Again these chairs .e in various styles and fabrics. Chair beds. A chair bed, which is similar to a riser recliner chair, but can be fully reclined to a horizontal position making it more .fortable for sleeping in. If you have limited mobility then this type of chair could remove the issues surrounding exiting an armchair to go to bed to sleep. Adjustable beds. An adjustable bed is designed to improve the .fort and ability to sleep, and does so by allowing the user to adjust the position of the head and legs. They are operated by a remote control and electric motors which adjusts the mattress into the desired position selected by the user. Adjustable beds .e in various sizes including single, twin, double, queen and king. There are various different types of mattresses available for the bed, from pocket sprung to foam with follows the contours of your body. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: