Representatives of the Canadian tourism administration responded Gao Xiaosong we did not review the steam_api.dll

On behalf of the Canadian Tourism Bureau responded to Gao Xiaosong: we did not review the content in August 27th, talk show host Gao Xiaosong micro-blog said their scheduled Friday broadcast talk show "Xiao Song adventures", was "the Canadian authorities strongly obstructed, causing a program indefinitely delayed broadcast". In August 28th, micro-blog announced more details of Gao Xiaosong, said the program for covering Canadian aboriginal rights issues, the Canadian Tourism Bureau several times on the telephone, mail on the threat to the team, the sponsor of the program release platform put pressure on Iqiyi, and "personally review", seeking to delete the content, cause programs to broadcast. This caused widespread concern on the network. Supporters believe that the Bureau violated Gao Xiaosong’s right to freedom of expression, but also some netizens questioned the official nature of the board, and even suspect that Gao Xiaosong in the hype". 28 afternoon, Phoenix telephone contact with the chief representative of China’s Tourism Bureau, Gaoping, Canada (Derek Galpin). Gaoping to Phoenix, said they did not review the contents of Gao Xiaosong’s program, will respond in a statement issued today on micro-blog. He did not answer questions about the mail and declined to comment. In the afternoon, Iqiyi official also responded on the matter: "we are doing" Xiao Song "series of adventures in Canada, did receive some revision opinions about the relevant departments of the party, Mr. Gao Xiaosong hopes to show loyalty to the original intention, express views and concerns. Because of the need to continue to coordinate communication and other reasons, we made a decision to suspend broadcasting. At present, we are coordinating the views of all parties to step up production, as soon as possible to come up with an objective and fair version of the program, as soon as possible on-line." Event comb: Gao Xiaosong questioned the Canadian Tourism Bureau audit program scheduled for 26 day broadcast talk show "Xiao Song adventures" failed to play, on August 27th at 8:25 in the morning, Gao Xiaosong micro-blog, to explain the incident. Micro-blog said, this program interviewed Canadian First Nations (aboriginal) a "chief of the Canadian government in certain when the first national policy at the same time, through the mouth of the chief tells the story of their historical experience. And praised the New Zealand, criticized the Native American policy, the program was therefore strongly prohibited by the Canadian authorities, can not be scheduled to play. In response to users of micro-blog, Gao Xiaosong said it was the end of the previous show preview program content, the results from the resistance. In fact, the domestic speech is very free, criticized the government criticized the United States or China are casual. But this time they sent a message sent by the Ministry of human rights and the independence of Quebec is absolutely not mentioned, but also threatened to rise if the broadcast will rise to a high degree of political consequences are very serious. As a freedom and equality of Canada, how can the situation be?!" 28 am, Gao Xiaosong micro-blog revealed more details of the event. He announced the three email screenshot for the Iqiyi entertainment center to the Gao Xiaosong team forward to the Canadian Tourism Bureau "Xiao Song" about Canada features (2) content feedback. In the screenshot, you can see that the e-mail suffix destinationcanada staff asked to delete the original u.s..相关的主题文章: