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UnCategorized If your business requires fuel or other petrochemical products to be readily accessible on site or if you need a durable and reliable storage system for flammable and .bustible liquids, then a self bunded tank might be the storage device you need. A self bunded tank is effective in preventing liquids or toxic substances from spilling over and contaminating an area as it is built with strong double steel walls. There are various types of self bunded tanks, but if you need to store a moderately large amount of fuel products on site consider the rectangular self bunded storage wraptank. The rectangular self bunded storage wraptank can store liquids from 7,000 litres to 10,000 litres. It provides a .plete and versatile solution to ac.modate your petroleum and petrochemical requirements. In this article, we discuss in detail the features of the rectangular self bunded storage wraptank that make it a proven and reliable performer. 1. The rectangular self bunded storage wraptank provides a rated over fill protection unit supplied with mechanical shut off. All tanks are supplied with an audible alarm. 2. 50nb and 80nb fill lines are available, .plete with fire rated isolation valve, non-return valve, camlock adaptor and lockable dust cap. 3. It features a 50nb suction line that .es .plete with anti-siphon. 4. The dip point .es .plete with calibrated anodized dipstick and lockable cap. 5. Its front cowling area is supplied with a drain point. 6. The interstial space is vented and monitored. 7. The rectangular self bunded storage wraptank provides an inspection bolted manway. 8. Its surface is painted – class 2 and a half blast clean followed by 2 pack epoxy top coat. 9. Lockable roller doors or security glass for the front of the cowling is available. 10. The rectangular self bunded storage wraptank offers a full range of pumping, dispensing and fuel management systems. The rectangular self bunded storage wraptank eliminates the need for .plex bunding requirements, offering maximum effectiveness and versatility. It is suitable for petroleum, petrochemical and chemical applications and may be used for various industries including agriculture, aviation, .mercial, government, ports and marines, power generation, remote area infrastructure, retail service stations and transport and hire .panies. It is also manufactured to meet or exceed statutory requirements and adheres to strict industry standards, guaranteeing the quality of this storage device and ensuring the safety of your business site and personnel. About the Author: in Perth, Australia. DTE Group products are suitable for applications in the petroleum, chemical, industrial, power, process and mining industries. Visit dtegroup…au for more details and product information Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: