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Mobile-Cell-Phone has several real estate agents who are using bulk sms for their business. Messages posted by the realtors in general are promotional in nature. The are realtors who constantly send messages to inform buyers about the interest rates of properties, loan availability, reducing property rates and so on. The realtors generally have data of fellow property investors and they exchange information, buyers inform sellers, sellers inform buyers and all use bulk sms to contact each other. has an un.plicated interface; this is the reason that property brokers who seldom have refined .puter knowledge prefer for their use. Realtors in general have a very haphazard record of their client numbers, the only requirement that needs from the property agents is the mobile numbers typed in excel sheet in one column. If there are client names it is better but without the names also it is as perfectly alright. Posting messages to thousands of mobile numbers after that is matter of couple of minutes. One of the clients of who did not have any mobile numbers but wanted to promote his .pany and properties posted messages to lakhs of numbers on series basis. What he did was to pick up a particular valid mobile number series for instance 9910. He added another 6 digits to make it 9910 000001 then made the .plete series of numbers starting from 9910000001 to 9920000001. The next step he did was to send these numbers for NDNC filter. provides the option of NDNC filter free of any charge to its clients. After NDNC filter he posted messages to all numbers filtered out. This way, he sent promotional messages to lakhs of mobile numbers and was very happy with the response. There are other clients of who do not have any mobile numbers and post messages to series of numbers after NDNC filter. Business like the one of realtors gains a lot from bulk messaging. Bulk messaging helps them stay up-to-the-minute in the eyes of people and they earn a goodwill for themselves. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: