Radioactive material containers in Jilin, Songyuan police lost 30 thousand yuan reward for clues-ca1835

In Jilin Songyuan radioactive material container lost 30 thousand yuan reward for clues – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Songyuan on September 24th news (reporter Zhou Yifan) according to voice of China "peak Evening News" reported yesterday afternoon, Songyuan municipal government official micro-blog announced: September 19th to 21 during the Daqing container containing radioactive isotopes in drilling logging company in the process of construction and transportation loss. At present, the city launched the emergency response, public security, environmental protection departments are looking for. Where is the key area where the container may be lost? At present, the loss of the container, the Songyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau Songjiang Branch issued a reward notice: Daqing special tool logging logging drilling logging company five branch is missing, the whole of society for clues, who found the valuable items and the (clue), cash 10000 yuan reward, who found items and public security organs active. 30000 yuan reward. Songyuan radiation environment supervision station staff, the loss of the container is a blue tank container, 20 cm high, more than and 10 cm in diameter, round, blue, there is a clear sign that Arabia put up a number 2. According to the clues solicitation notice on the contents of the internal container with blue radioisotope 113 – tin indium 113m, loss of activity is equivalent to the class V radioactive source, low hazard, in accordance with the principle of classification of radioactive sources explained that such sources will not cause permanent damage. Who participated in the work to find the source, although called radioactive sources, radioactive elements but this thing is very low, we find a lot of experts, after investigation, this thing (Daqing drilling logging company) in what time, how long did it take (have), this thing is valid, for example the validity period is half a year, it has 3, 4 years, radioactive very small, but the name is after all a radioactive isotope, people also do not understand, not because of the harm small, we do not find. Considering the operation situation of Daqing drilling logging company logging five branch, the police will figure that GA Xiang Village in Mongolia Mongolian Autonomous County of Songyuan City, Qian Gorlos Elliot as the focus of the investigation area. Staff revealed that, after visiting, investigation, to find a part of the witnesses in the village of the village that saw this thing. "It is not OK (there is no Village), because the loss of this thing is a construction vehicle, the well logging company in logging process, after used in Figure Naga village near the construction time, and came back and found No. But around the village, we’ve been looking for many times, and there’s no falling." Public security think, there are vehicles after the vessel away, "around the village is also even woman and children all know on this matter, we through the reward for collecting clues, if it is near the village take, should now have offered us the clues, know the whereabouts of things, but not now the effect, we suspect is not passing vehicles picked up away." Currently, the investigation continues, there are clues related to the masses, please contact the Songyuan radiation ring.相关的主题文章: