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Quzhou Nianbadu, the forgotten mysterious Jiangnan Town – Sohu in Quzhou 20. Have a group doing small business stay for the elderly, rural left behind elderly are those for children (children) long (usually more than half a year) leave the rural household into urban workers or engaging in business or other production and business activities and stay at home parents. These old people left behind in rural areas, many people living in particular simple and difficult, but now some scenic town but these old people to bring more income, life will be more happy. Quzhou Nianbadu town is an old town, the Northern Song Dynasty Xining four years (1071) a Jiangshan forty-four, it ranked 28th, named Nianbadu, has been 900 years of history. This forgotten mysterious Jiangnan Town, Xitang, Nanxun, Wuzhen, compared with other famous town, has a different style, it is still hiding in the mountains did not know, even with a bit of mystery. Due to the history of less affected by the war, so that the ancient architectural style of the town remains the same, preserved relatively intact. Rich and colorful cultural landscape, ancient rich folk customs, unique and rich cultural heritage, the ancient elegant Nianbadu town was strangely brilliant in the modern civilization. The old town of the four corners of the world four gates. The only Town stone door sales side, the book "Suoyue fengxi". A street parallel to the stream, from north to South twists and turns up to 1 km. On both sides of the two story shop floor, the basic maintenance of the nineteenth Century market style. Enter the village attracted me the most is that many of the store, the store has no decoration, only some of the objects, some old people in front of the door quietly doing manual. Maybe they don’t work out, you will buy it. The building in the art of wood carving exquisite and rich painting is the most characteristic, beam, Fang, ridge all standard, ceilings are painted landscapes, figures and stories on Dragon and Phoenix, flowers, birds etc.. The town of ancient houses, not only a large number of well preserved, and its architectural style with totally different houses elsewhere. The layout in different terrain, environment, roadway, well-proportioned, full of change. The basic structure of the courtyard style residential flat rectangular, two into a courtyard, there are three two courtyard hall, room hall from the courtyard, doors, windows on the pattern of rare houses are identical, standing stone structure, the rarely seen brick, with fine wood structure combination, pavilion the four post on the third floor, unique style. A large town, ginger, Cao Yang, Jin Si jia. They live around the clan, has retained 36 complete ancient residential complex. Stand in the street, the most distinctive is every family lintel. The multi style pavilions, beams, eaves, sheathing and Chuilian Fang, the virtual column type of four third. All parts are fine wooden decoration, the theme are gods, and the mascot Erxian etc.. The wooden lintels and other areas south of the brick gatehouse are in a sharp contrast, people walking in the street, are attracted by the scenery. The emblem of Ma Tau wall, roof, Zhejiang Jiangxi type type of eaves, Fujian style wall, its rich connotation has been enough to make architects amazed. Ancient town buildings,"相关的主题文章: