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Reference-and-Education Question bank on videos gives you better interactive experience. You need the right interactive experience while learning. The right experience will sustain your interest and also retention value of the knowledge acquired. The tools like question banks in videos enables the process of learning and keeps the learner and educator in the .fort zone. The media of videos or the audio-visual medium is an effective tool for both, teachers in the process of teaching and for the learners in the process of learning. They aid teachers as a teaching aid and help them draw the attention of learners. For learners, the medium aids them in understanding easily the concepts, lessons or question banks that is delivered. They can be used repeatedly for viewing and can be permanent asset for practice, revision, or to have casual review during even during leisure time. You can turn question bank in videos into a tool of game and turn learning into fun. Question banks in videos on online education sites can be an effective method of collective learning. You can ask questions online to subject matter experts moderating these sites and also learn from others understanding of the lessons and the subjects, take help in working on. You can gather perspective, reaffirm you learning of the concepts, examine concepts critically to develop better understanding, and expand your knowledge base with inputs from others. This you need not restrict a small group but widens being on the net. The whole process you can undertake in an informal environment and gain to take your academic pursuits ahead. Social networking sites transforming their online presence into edusocial corners are including e learning tools. The tools among various other resources like reference resources, graphics, test papers, sample model question papers have the resource of question banks in videos to take care of CBSE syllabus along with others. These sites have innumerable learning tools which you can use to enable your learning process. They can make you social networking add value to your learning process and supplement your academic pursuits. You can gradually slip into learning mode from the informal environment and get back to your studies with revitalized energy. Edusocial corners which .bine social .working platform with e learning can make your leisure time spent on the . being used more purposefully. Along with providing this e learning tools they also provide subject matter experts support to guide you during learning. These experts have years of rich experience in teaching the CBSE syllabus and understating the evaluation system. They can guide you when you are learning from the question banks in videos on the site, clear doubts of question you want to ask, and help you with references resources available on the site. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: