Quanzhou typhoon disaster serious direct economic losses amounted to 3 billion 40 million tonya mitchell

Quanzhou typhoon disaster situation serious direct economic losses amounted to 3 billion 40 million total Taiwanese news network September 29th (the network reporter Chen Yuling) at 8 today, Quanzhou terminated typhoon emergency response, continue to maintain the storm III level emergency response. The reporter from the Quanzhou municipal flood control and drought relief headquarters was informed that as of 29 May 16, typhoon "catfish", Quanzhou’s total direct economic loss of 3 billion 40 million yuan, the disaster heavier Nanan and Dehua, the rescue work is still in progress. On the morning of 29, the Quanzhou municipal Party committee secretary Zheng Xincong held a flood disaster emergency video conference, put forward to scheduling power to repair the pass rush, continue to do the mass transfer of comfort and ideological work, do a good job to restore life and production work, including education assessment rewards good damage and strengthen the reservoir flood dispatching, excretion and do outloading and security forces left behind other requirements. Quanzhou mayor Kang Tao in an emergency video conference, immediately rushed to the water town Dehua Nancheng, guide disaster relief work. City leaders Lin Wanming, Xiao Hanhui took full command of Shifang zhi. City leaders Hong Ziqiang, Zhu mission were based in Dehua County, Nanan city to direct the rescue and relief work; Shifang Zhi issued to further strengthen the city around the reservoir, ponds patrol investigation command. Disaster: the economic loss of 3 billion 40 million yuan according to the briefing, as of 29 May 16, the city’s 13 counties (cities, districts) 165 towns affected 289 thousand and 800 people, 132 thousand people evacuated, 1 people died (male, Dehua County Water Town); 350 houses collapsed; crops affected area of 692 thousand and 800 acres; production enterprises 559 home; power supply interrupted 235 times, affecting 331 thousand households electricity; communication base station interrupt service 342 times; 290 times EMU outage, Jinjiang airport canceled flights 35 sorties, Stephen Kim routes 28, damaged dikes, outage; revetment, embankments, sluices, hydropower and water conservancy facilities 1634; highway interrupted 158 times in 123, Liu Fang, 577, bridge 7. Tolls direct economic losses total 3 billion 40 million yuan, of which the direct economic loss of 787 million yuan in animal husbandry and fishery, the direct economic loss of 867 million yuan industrial transportation, water conservancy facilities 463 million yuan in direct economic losses. Water: rain drainage by reservoir to increase the "catfish" tail clouds, Quanzhou and more heavy rain to rainstorm. According to statistics, 29 to 18 when the city’s total rainfall of more than 50 mm, the site has more than 47 mm, there are more than 100 mm, Nanan mountain beauty of 228 mm for the maximum of 24. Heavy rains caused part of the river water level rise, Xixi lake hydrological station 28 14 1.71 meters higher than the warning, Hong Lai of Nanan hydrological station 29 12 0.74 meters higher than the warning, Dehua Feng Yang hydrological station 29 12 0.45 meters higher than the warning. As of September 29th 17, the city’s total reservoir pre discharge pre vent 260 million; Flood flood 70 million square, the Shanmei reservoir flood control flood FLOOD 60 million 500 thousand party 33 million Party. Today morning, Shifang Zhi according to the river to water and rainfall trends.相关的主题文章: