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Prices so high monthly salary of 10 thousand yuan should also stay in the north deep? I can’t leave it all I can deliver… In the center of Guangzhou to buy a house, at least 3 million yuan." A friend told the twenty-first Century economic news reporter, said that although she is a native of Guangdong, but is not intended to purchase houses in Guangzhou. However, Guangzhou is still good. At present, the average price of four cities: Guangzhou, the average price of less than 20 thousand, Shenzhen has more than $50 thousand, Beijing, more than 35 thousand yuan. If you want to live in a long time, I am afraid to buy on the agenda. As the saying goes, home to the music industry. If the real estate is in a city for a long time to stay "dark tax", the city has not been the purchase of ordinary workers, it should not be in the long-term living in these cities? And no matter how many restrictions on buying a house, we will directly from the perspective of wages and prices, look at the cost of living in large cities. Enquiries on 2015, the annual average wage of Urban Non private units employment is significantly higher than the average wage of private units a big cut. Among them, the situation in Beijing is the best: Beijing city human resources and social Bureau recently issued on the announcement of the 2015 annual average wage of workers in Beijing, revealed that the average wage of workers in the city for the year 2015 was $85038. In other words, the average monthly wage of 7086 yuan. Then, to work for a few years, the average wage of 10 thousand yuan (in order to facilitate the description of the problem, this income has been deducted social security) as a case of white-collar workers, should be able to explain some of the problems. We only consider him a person to buy a house, without considering the couple purchase. To a house of 3 million yuan (the price is still in the center of Guangzhou to buy a house, north of the central city certainly can not buy). The white-collar workers, if only 3 yuan to pay the first payment of $900 thousand, their wages are not enough to buy. Because loans 2 million 100 thousand yuan, if the loan fund of $800 thousand, the tax rate of $1 million 300 thousand; $3.25% for commercial loans, tax rate of 4.9%, the loan period of 20 years. 800 thousand yuan provident fund loans, his monthly repayment of $4537.57; $1 million 300 thousand commercial loans, repayment of $8507.77 per month. So, relax. When he had 2 million yuan to pay the down payment, the remaining 1 million yuan loan to him. He can pay the price, but how much does it cost? We look at it in several ways. First, a monthly salary of 10 thousand yuan white-collar workers, he needs to pay a tax of $745, the actual salary of $9255. If 2 million down payment, loan of $1 million, or a repayment period of 20 years, $800 thousand provident fund loans, monthly repayment of $4537.57, $200 thousand commercial bank loans, monthly repayment of $1308.89. In other words, the white-collar monthly repayment of 5846 yuan, the remaining $3409 per month. Finally, savings of 2 million yuan, if the purchase of financial products, 3% per annum in revenue, with 60000 yuan a year. In other words, 5000 yuan per month! Taking into account the pressure of his income and rental housing in the first tier cities, the white-collar workers must not have so much money. In other words, it should be his parents or.相关的主题文章: