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Prepaid card complaints increased 3 year into regulatory "buck" exposed many loopholes? Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Zhengzhou – 13 September Xinhua: prepaid card complaints increased by 30% per year, the regulatory "buck" exposed many loopholes? Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Linyuan, one of the largest enterprises in Zhengzhou oasis Henan fitness weiti Fashion Fitness Club Co. Ltd. in May 2015 suddenly "closed", more than 200 consumers in more than 5 million yuan prepaid amount quilt. To this end, consumers have lasted more than a year rights, recently again to the Zhengzhou Municipal Industry and commerce, public security, commerce and other functional departments of complaints, but the answer is not to me". Consumers feel helpless. Reporter survey found that a nationwide prepaid card consumer complaints in recent 5 years the average annual growth of 35.7% in 2015, close to 30 thousand; on the other hand, a total of more than 900 billion yuan prepaid card market, a large number of issuers are not included in the regulatory behavior. High incidence of disputes you did not discuss more than a few people in Zhengzhou recently told reporters reflect, Victoria body fitness last May, suddenly shut down overnight, more than 200 consumers damaged. A member of Mr Cheng told reporters, in addition to dimensional fitness swimming, fitness facilities, also includes guest rooms, catering, leisure etc.. Warm and thoughtful service at the beginning. So, Mr. Cheng spent 15 thousand yuan in Cape Luowang Shi a membership card branch office. I did not expect a notice did not, suddenly closed." What makes him angry is that in the week before the close of the door, the client manager also to induce him on the preferential recharge 30 thousand yuan. It is understood that the company is currently only stores Cape Luowang Shi has 208 members, involving prepaid card balance of more than 5 million yuan. The registration information of the members, the balance of the card sheet with a maximum of 90 thousand yuan. Reporters learned that the investigation, the physical fitness is suddenly closed due to the original dimension of fitness chairman Hu Jijian investment real estate funds broken chain. In the second half of 2015, an industrial capital injection, followed by the original dimension of the body’s fitness store has quietly changed its name to spruce fitness". Consumers reflect, dimensional body members have received a call spruce fitness client manager, said: if you want to continue to use the original card and the balance, only to pay a sum of money to do Zhang Ka." In recent years, the rapid development of prepaid card consumer market, the scale continues to grow, has penetrated into all walks of life, but prepaid card consumption into a high incidence of disputes. State Administration for Industry and commerce data show that in 12th Five-Year, the national prepaid card consumer complaints grew by 35.7% year on year in 2015 reached a total of 29 thousand and 300, of which the health industry complaints as high as 27.3%. Complaints are mainly concentrated in the business of unauthorized termination of service, closed foot, etc.. Fitness beauty prepaid card is not in the supervision of the column does not belong to me as a normal prepaid card infringement frequently, but the rights of resistance is heavy. Recently, the reporter with the weiti membership to the Consumer Association of Zhengzhou City, public security, commerce bureau to reflect the situation, through the process of rights. In Zhengzhou City Consumers Association, the reception staff replied: we have the right to register is transferred to do, there is news to you reply, can not be accepted within 7 working days to tell you.".相关的主题文章: