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壆術不心得;2.申請材料に虚偽の情報提供の;3.他の場合:(1)申請資料の内容を揃えた;(2)が原因で体を続け壆実習の学校。三、申請方法1.適用申請エスカレーターで北京国家会計壆院2013年の修士の壆位の研究生、一律ではオンラインでの登録申請を行わない場合には、2012年9月1日-9月16日、登録北京国家会計壆院研究生網(http:// )提出個人申込情報、下載印刷《北京国家会計壆院受信を適用推薦無試験研究商売に表。してください2012年に9月17日以前のすべての申請資料を記入(統一でA 4サイズ)から(または送)は北京国家会計壆院研究生部が申請を受理しない。2.

「CancerChat will also encourage its users to check out any cancer questions on its CancerHelp UK website which is specially designed to give patients and their families 6、000pagesof up-to-date information that is easy to understand and explains a wide range of treatments for different types of cancer and gives details of clinical trials .

第一部語彙オプション1Wouldyou please (call)myhusband as soon as possible ?Aphone C consult 答え:A.phone 2Wehad a long (conversation)abouther parents .A speech C debate 答え:D.talk 3Thechairman (proposed)thatwe stop the meeting .
A stated C suggested 答え:C.suggested 4Obviouslythese people can be (relied)onin a crisis .A depend on C believed in 答え:A.depend on B lived on D joined in B announced D demanded B question D talk B visit D invite QQ :747191574電話:電話:010-825993455Thereis always excitement at the Olympic Games when an athlete (breaks)arecord .
A maintains C matches 答え:B.beats 6Allthe pupils seem to be very (cheerful)。Ahealthy C naughty 答え:B.happy 7Thetraditional paintings are (exhibited)onthe second floor .A displayed C kept 答え:A.
displayed 8Shestood there shaking with (fury)。Alaugh C cry 答え:D.anger 9Maryevidently is the most (diligent)studentamong us .A intelligent C hardworking 答え:C.hardworking 10(Persistent)attemptsto interview Garbo were fruitless .
A Forceful C Firm 答え:D.Continuous 11Whycan t you stop your (eternal)complaining?Along C temporary 答え:B.everlasting 12Hundredsof buildings were (wrecked)bythe earthquake .A damage C fallen 答え:A.
damaged 13Thesepaintings are considered by many to be (authentic)。Afaithful C sincere 答え:D.genuine 14Manyeconomists have given in to the fatal (lure)ofmathematics .A simplicity C power 答え:B.
attraction 15Tenyears after the event 、herdeath still remains a (puzzle)。Amist C secret 答え:D.mystery B fog D mystery B attraction D rigor B royal D genuine B shaken D jumped B everlasting D boring B Reasonable D Continuous B beautiful D talkative B anxiety D anger B laid D stored B happy D busy B beats D tries 第二部分:閲読判断Importanceof Children s Oral Health February is National Children s Dental (歯の)HealthMonth 、butin children good oral care is critical every day .
The first comprehensive study on the national s oralhealth 、releasedrecently by the office of the U.S .Surgeon General 、callsdental and oral diseases a 「silentepidemic (流行)」evenin children .
The report states that more than 51millionschool hours are lost each year to dental-related illness .In fact 、arecent study pointed to dental care as the most common unmet health need among American children .
To help counter this 、theAmerican Academy of Periodontology (歯週病壆)(AAP)islaunching an effort to educate children and parents about the prevention of dental diseases in children 。「Thisis important because oral problems can impact self-esteem for children and lead to problems of eating 、speakingand attending to learning 」saidMichael McGuire president of the AAP .
Common dental problems seen in children are cavities (力強く抱負を述べandgingivitis (穴)龈炎)whichare found in the majority of U.S .children 。「whenthese problems are not caught early and treated 、theycan develop into more severe problems and cause unnecessary to suffering 」saidMcGu ire、「However、muchof the time 、oralproblems are avoidable problems .
」Inthe Rio Grande Valley in Texas 、agroup of more than 120dentistsvolunteer deliver dental care to thousands of low-income children each year with its Mobile Delnit that travels from school to school 。「Accordingto the Surgeon General s report 、about37percentof children have not had a dental visit before starting school 、saidMcGuire 」、「Whenchildren don t see dental professionals they miss the opportunity to have problems caught early before they develop into larger expensive problems to treat 、andparents miss the opportunity to learn how to promote good oral habits in their children 。」16Onlyin February should attention be paid to children s oral health .
A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned 17Dentaland oral diseases are common in both adults and children .A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned 18Boysmiss more school hours each year due to dental-related illness .
A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned 19Oralproblems in children can develop in tomore severe problems .A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned 20Oralproblems can not be avoided in any way .
A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned 21Thelow-income children are very grateful to the dentists .A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned 22Somechildren have never seen a dentist before starting school .
A Right B Wrong C Not mentioned 参考答案:BACABCA 第三部分:要約文23油断と完成Paragraph1CWhat is Cancer ?24Paragraph2EWhat causes cancer ?25Paragraph3FHow is cancer treated 26Paragraph4ADoes cancer always cause pain ?27Bcontrol or order 28Dvarious factors 29Fside effects 30Ctolerance for pain QQ :747191574電話:電話:010-82599345第四部分:読解第一篇CollegeNight Owls Have Lower Grades College students who are morning people tend to get better grades than those who are night owls (遅寝た人)、accordingto University of North Texas researchers .
They had 824undergraduatestudents complete a health survey that included questions about sleep habits and day timefunctioning 、andfound that students who are morning people had higher grade point averages (GPAs)thanthose who are night people 。「Thefinding that college students who are evening types have lower GPAs is a very important finding 、sureto make its way into undergraduate psychology texts in the near future 、alongwith the research showing that memory is improved by sleep .
」Studyco-author Daniel J.Tayior said in a prepared statement 。「Further、theseresults suggest that it might be possible to improve academic performance by using chronotherapy (時間療法)tohelp students retrain their biological back to become more morning types .
」Taytorsaid .The research was expected to be presented Monday at SLEEP 、theannual meeting the Associated Professional Sleep Societies 、inBaltimore .In other findings expected to be heard at the meeting 、Universityof Colorado researchers found a significant association between insomnia (不眠)anda decline in college students academic performance .
The study included 64psychology、nursingand medical students 、averageage 27.4years、whowere divided into two groups low GPAs and high GPAs .Among those with low GPAs 、69.7percenthad trouble falling asleep 、53.
1percentexperienced leg kicks of twitches (痙攣)atnight 、65.6percentreported waking at night of having trouble falling back to sleep and 、72.7percenthad difficulty concentrating during the day 。「Incollege students 、thecomplaint of difficulty concentrating during the day continues to have a considerable impact on their ability to succeed in the classroom 」studyauthor Dr James F 。Pagelsaid in a prepared statement 、「Thisstudy showed that disordered sleep has significant harmful effects on a student s academic performance 、includingGPAs .
31study、studentswho stay up late A had higher GPAs .B had lower GPAs .C performed equally well in their studies .D had little difficulty concentrating during the day 32Mr.Taylor believed that the finding of their study would soon A be criticized by psychology stud ents.
B be confirmed by psychological studies .C become the most popular psychology text .D be included in undergraduate psychology texts .QQ :747191574電話:電話:010-8259934533Thepassage indicates that chronotherapy can be used to help people to A forget their troubles B improve their image .
C readjust their biological clock .D better their social relationships .34Inthe second study 、studentswith low GPAs did NOT complain of A having trouble falling asleep B waking at night and having trouble falling back to sleep .
C being kicked in the leg at night .D having difficulty concentrating during the day .35Accordingto Dr.Pagel 、theacademic performance of a student will be affected A if he or she is troubled by disordered sleep .
B if he or she is not motivated .C if he or she is a morning type .D if he or she is a lazy person .参考答案:31.B had lower GPAs .32.D be included in undergraduate psychology texts .
33.C readjust their biological clock .34.C being kicked in the leg at night .35.A if heor she is troubled by disordered sleep .第 二編On-lineCancer Chat with a Safety net Cancer Research UK has launched an online chat forum for cancer patients to swap stories and share experiences on how to cope with such a devastating disease .
But Cancer Chat is a forum with a difference :ithas an information safety net 。Thismeans that a Cancer Research UK team will keep a watching brief to ensure that patients are not subjected to rogue 「cancercures 」orscientifically unsound information .
Anyone Can have access to the messages posted on Cancer Chat but if people wish to post a message they will need to register .And Rebekah Gibbs 、cancerpatient and star of TV s Casualty has pledged her support for the new project 。「Ithink Cancer Chat is a brilliant idea 」shesaid 。「Ihave written a public diary about what I went through with breast cancer and I have had such a heart-warming response from other people going through the same thing .
」Theidea of a Cancer Chat forum means you can share information abouttreatment and side effects and you can really open up about your feelings online in a way that can be difficult when talking to close friends and family .
And with Cancer Research UK monitoring the forum people can be reassured about the quality of information being exchanged 。「CancerChat will also encourage its users to check out any cancer questions on its CancerHelp UK website which is specially designed to give patients and their families 6、000pagesof up-to-date information that is easy to understand and explains a wide range of treatments for different types of cancer and gives details of clinical trials .
There is also a UK database of cancer clinical trials .The award-winning website attracts around one million visitors a month and Cancer Research UK hopes that some of these visitors will also want to post comments on the Cancer Chat forum .
For those who do not have access to computers and have questions about cancer 、thecharity s team of cancer information nurses are available during office h oursto talk over patients concerns on the phone .
36.Cancer Chat is different from other forums in that A it has the support of a famous actress .B it is a source of reliable information .C it provides a huge amount of information .
D it attracts a great number of visitors .37.Which is NOT true of Rebekah Gibbs ?AShe is a well-known figure in Britain .B She got breast cancer some time ago .C She thinks highly of Cancer Chat .
QQ :747191574電話:電話:010-82599345DShe has written a private diary .38.All the statements about the messages posted on Cancer Chat are true EXCEPT A they are available to all visitors .
B their writers get paid for them .C they concern not just treatments and side effects .D they are also an emotional outlet for their writers .39.CancerHelp UK is a website that A offers lots of information on cancer treatment and clinical trials .
B attracts numerous visitors .C has won an award .D all of the above .40。「Thecharity 」inthe last line but one refers to A Cancer Research UK .B C ancerChat .C CancerHelp UK .
D TV s Casualty .答え:答え:BDBDA第三篇YouthEmancipation in Spain The Spanish Government is so worried about the number of young adults still living with their parents that it has decided to help them leave the nest .
Around 55percent of people aged 18-34inSpain still sleep in their parents homes 、saysthe latest report from the country s state-run Institute of Youth .To coax (勧誘)youngpeople from their homes 、theinstitute started a 「YouthEmancipation (解放)programmethis month .
The programme offers guidance in finding rooms and jobs .Economists blame young people s family dependence on the precarious (不安定な)labourmarket and increasing housing prices .
Housing prices have risen 17percent a year since 2000.Cultural reasons also contribute to the problem 、saysociologists .Family ties in south Europe – Italy 、Portugaland Greece – are stronger than those in middle and north Europe 、saidSpanish sociologist Almudena Moreno Minguez in her report 」TheL ateEmancipation of Spanish Youth :Keysfor Understanding 「。」Ingeneral 、youngpeople in Spain firmly believe in the family as the main body around which their private life is organized 、「saidMinguez .
In Spain – especially in the countryside 、itis not uncommon to find entire groups of aunts 、uncles、cousins、niecesand nephews (甥/甥)allliving on the same street .They regularly get together for Sunday dinner .
Parents tolerance (寛容)isanother factor .Spanish parents accept late-night partying and are wary of setting bedtime rules .」Achild can arrive home at whatever time he wants .If parents complain he ll put up a big fight and call the father a Fascist 、「saidJose Antonio Gomez Yanez 、asociologist at Carlos III University in Madrid .
Mothers willingness to do children s household chores worsens the problem .Dioni-sio Masso 、a60-year-oldin Madrid 、hasthree children in their 20s.The eldest 、28、hasa girlfriend and a job .
But life with mum is good .」Hismum does the wash and cooks for hi m;inthe end 、helives well 、「Massosaid .41.The 」YouthEmancipation 「programmeaims at helping young people A .live in an independent way B .
fight for freedom C .fight against social injustice D .get rid of family responsibilities 42.It can be inferred from paragraph 5thatfamily ties are stronger in Portugal than in A .
Greece B .Finland C .Spain D .Italy 43.Young people s family dependence can be attributed to all the following factors EXCEPT A .parent s tolerance B .housing problems C .
unwillingness to get married D .cultural traditions 44.Which of the following statements is NOT true of Dinoisio Masso ?A.She has a boyfriend .B .She is 60yearsold .C .She has three children .
D .She lives in Madrid .45.The phrase 」waryof 「inparagraph 8couldbe best replaced by A .tired of B .afraid of C .worried about D 。cautiousabout 参考答案:41.A 42.B 43.C 44.A 45.D live in an independent way Finland unwillingness to get married She has a boyfriend .
cautious about 第五部分:補講短文ReduceP ackagingPressure increased recently on British supermarkets and retailers to reduce packaging as part of an anti-waste campaign ._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (46)。Britaingenerates 4.
6milliontons of household waste every year by packaging .Dozens of people have expressed anger at the excess of plastic wrapping .Campaigners has called on Britain to learn from other European countries .
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (47)。Whenreturned bottles are put in a vending machines (自動販売機)、thedeposit is refunded .Environmentalists warn that Britain lags behind in this 。Therewere reports of growing unease among consumers over the amount of packaging they have to deal with .
Trade standards officers also object to excessive packaging ._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (48)Inresponse to a campaign by Britain s The Independent newspaper 、leadingsupermarkets have pointed to various initiatives to win the public confidence .
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (49)Butcampaigners said retailers and the government could learn much from anti-waste practices on the Cont inent.In Sweden 、non-recyclablebatteries have been taxed since 1991toencourage a switch to alternatives .
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (50)InGermany 、plasticbags are unheard of in supermarkets and deposits are paid for reusable plastic and glass beverage bottles .A .If a product is over packaged 、don t buy it .
B .In Belgium 、whenyou buy something in a plastic or glass container 、youmake a deposit .C .This is because too much padding can give buyers a false impression of what they are buying .
D .This has resulted in a 74percentreduction in sales .E 。Tescosaid it was saving 112、000tonsof cardboard a year by switching to reusable plastic crates (荷箱)fortransporting its fresh produce .
F .The campaign was initiated by The Independent newspaper .正解:FB C E D 第六部分:完形穴埋めHappilymarried people have lower blood pressure 51unhappilymarried people or singles 、aBrigham Young University study says .
On the other hand 、evenhaving a supportive social network did not translate into a blood un happily_ _ 52__ _ people 、accordingto the study .pressure benefit for singles or 「Thereseem to be some unique health benefits from marriage .
It s not just being married really the most protective of health is having a happy 54__ 53__ benefits health – what s 」studyauthor Julianne Holt-Lunstad 、apsychologist who specializes in relationships and health 、saidin a prepared statement .
The study included 204marriedand 99__ 55__ adults who wore portable blood-pressure recorded blood pressure at random intervals and provided a total of about 72readings.monitors for 24hours.
The _ _ _ 56__ 「Wewanted to capture participants blood pressure doing whatever they normally readings in a clinic is not really _ _ 58__ of the fluctuations 57ineveryday life .
Getting one or two that occur throughout the day 」Holt-Lunstadsaid .Overall 、happilymarried people scored four points _ _ 59__ _ on the blood pressure readings also found that blood _ _ 60__ among married people especially single people .
than single a dults.The study those in happy marriages – _ _ 61__ more during sleep than in 「Researchhas shown that people whose blood pressure remains high throughout the night are at _ _ 62__ greater risk of heart disease than people whose blood pressure drops 」Holt-Lunstadsaid .
The study was published in the March 20__ 63__ of the journal Annals of Behavioral Medicine .The study also found that unhappily married adults have higher blood pressure than _ _ 64happilymarried and single adults .
Holt-Lunstad noted that married couples can encourage healthy habits in one _ _ 65__ _ 、suchas eating a healthy diet and having regular doctor visits .People in happy marriages also have a source of emotional support 、shesaid .
练習:Dby 52.A married B engaged C linked D loved 53.A which B that C this D what 54.A life B marriage C partner D spouse 55.A young B old C single D experienced 56.A monitors B doctors C nurses D researchers 57.
A take B do C make D want 58.A supportive B active C representative D protective 59.A most B lower C higher D least 60.A pressure B speed C level D flow 61.A stopped B dropped C rose D ran 62.