Treatment of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease in Beijing where good which method to have

Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is common in women of a disease, patients are in the minority, to a lot of family problems, Beijing Changhong Hospital, gynecologic experts advise women: if you suffer from chronic pelvic inflammatory disease are bound to choose a regular hospital treatment, then Beijing in treatment of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease where good?With what method is treated?Here we introduce in detail: chronic pelvic inflammatory disease treated with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine combined with best comprehensive treatment measures.
The treatment principle is the sharpest, that enhance the body resistance and inhibit bacteria breeding, eliminating pathogen virulence.Treatment methods are as follows: (1): Chinese students think that Chinese medicine in the treatment of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is mainly due to damp-heat pathogen infection, toxic silt retention time, coke, Qi and blood stasis, collaterals and, even a silt block.
The treatment to invigorate the circulation of Qi and blood, clearing heat and eliminating dampness mainly.(2) physical diathermy: hyperthermic as a benign stimulation, penetration of pelvic tissue, promote blood circulation, improves tissue nutrition, improve the new supersedes the old.
, in order to facilitate the absorption of inflammation.In the country can simple abdominal hot method, such as fried salt, heat lees, such as hot lower, there are physical conditions in the hospital, can be used for infrared, ultraviolet, ultrashort wave and physiotherapy.
(3): application of procaine block therapy for Ming fornix blocking or anterior sacral nerve block, can be blocked from inflammatory lesions of malignant stimuli, improves tissue nutrition, beneficial to the absorption of inflammation.
(4) tissue therapy: injection of placental tissue fluid, enhance the body resistance, promote inflammation.(5) antibiotic therapy: chronic pelvic inflammatory disease pelvic tissue thickening, antibiotic efficacy difference.
Antibiotics are generally used for chronic pelvic inflammatory disease with acute attack.(6): operation in treatment of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease such as fallopian tube ponding has obvious phyma or fallopian tube ovarian mass, if non operation therapy may be considered invalid, operation treatment.
These are aimed at “Beijing in treatment of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease where good” in detail, Beijing Changhong Hospital, gynecologic experts remind, suffering from chronic pelvic inflammatory disease of the female should choose the regular hospital treatment, so as to ensure the treatment effect.
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Winter washing learned.

Study found that, water temperature 34 C ~ 36 degrees C have a calm itching effect; 37 degrees to 39 degrees can lift the whole fatigue; 40 degrees to 45 degrees with sweating analgesic effect. Winter wash can not only remove sweat oil, eliminate fatigue, Shujinhuoxue, improve sleep, improve skin metabolism and function resistance to disease, but also to the treatment of certain diseases.
1 cold water bath when cold water to the skin, the skin blood vessels to severe contraction, blood flow to the visceral or deep tissue, can make the new supersedes the old. Enhanced visceral, gastrointestinal function is active, accelerated peristalsis, the digestive system function, improve digestion and absorption capacity, a good appetite.
In under the stimulation of cold water, the brain will immediately excited, the general mobilization of all organs and tissues of enhanced activity against the cold, deep blood vessels of diastolic motion is controlled by the central nervous system.
Long-term cold water bath exercise, can make the function of central nervous system enhancement, slowing brain cell aging and cell death. At the same time cold water bath exercise on neural neurasthenia, headache, insomnia and have good control effect.
Cold bath can activate cells, keep young forever, so as to achieve the purpose of beauty. The 2 hot water bath every day at about 42 DEG C hot water extractionSoak 3 ~ 4 minutes, can control the gastric acid secretion, reducing and controlling hyperacidity, stomach and duodenum ulcer disease; take a shower, the chest below the site immersion in 40 degrees warm water for 20 minutes, can make the peripheral blood vessels dilate, increase the heart’s blood supply, alleviate the patients with heart diseases insufficiency; in pain sites with 40 degrees Celsius hot water shower for about 5 minutes, is especially prone to pain in the head, shoulder and waist, can the side edge of the punch limber, before and after turning around the neck, can promote blood circulation, relieve pain.
3 cold water to wash face wash your face with cold water, not only to prevent disease, also benefit in beauty. Because cold water can not only improve the facial blood circulation, and can enhance the elasticity of skin, eliminate or reduce facial wrinkles.
Washing your face with cold water can also exercise a person’s ability to cold, flu, rhinitis, neurasthenia, nervous headache patients may also be beneficial. Of course, wash your face with cold water temperature can not be too low, with 10 degrees Celsius is appropriate.
4 hot water washing their feet with hot water, can make the blood vessels dilate, local blood flow speed, thereby increasing the lower extremity trophic supply. The human foot acupoint, washing is the process of point massage bed process.
Before the feet with hot water, both clean and hygienic, and the lifting of fatigue, can also play a role in preventing and curing diseases. The winter adhere to frostbite feet with hot water, also have a certain preventive effect.
With insomnia and foot varicose veins, nightly feet with hot water, can alleviate the symptoms, easy to go to sleep. Of course, the feet of water is not too hot, not to exceed 45 degrees appropriate. 5 warm water brushing one’s teeth in 35 ~ 36.
5 DEG C to normal the new supersedes the old. 35 degrees warm water is a benign oral protective agent, with this mouthwash, can make the person produces a cool, comfortable taste. If often give teeth to

Envy envy hate 166 catty fat girl a diet for 9 months is thin 74 Jin Chongqing channel

&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;yesterday afternoon, evening in Chongqing reception room ,the net is called Luna grass beautiful woman dew accepted the interview .&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;her name is the reality show ,every man is a potential stocks post in a forum in Chongqing on the high degree of concern — back to a plurality of 604 ,amounted to 32828 people.
Manna in the posts, posted a before and after comparison with ,a chubby face ,a skinny girl .&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;she has what weight loss ?Yesterday afternoon, dew and the Chongqing evening news to share her weight loss story .
&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;birth weight of 9.6 kg of&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;too fat ,university graduates can not find a job &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;1982,the dew in Daping Hospital of birth, birth weight 9.
6 jins,doctors and nurses like pinched her plump cheeks .Amrita :the doctor told me ,she was born the most obese children in Daping Hospital .&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;manna ,mannose in primary school 3grades before,a little fatter than normal children .
However ,from her primary school grade 4 ,weight make a spurt of progress ,a primary school graduation she than ordinary children weighing 20 kg.&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;at the age of 18, 1.
65 meters in heightweight 166 kgnectar .Dew said ,extraordinary size brought her a lot of problems .&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;once again ,she attended the Chongqing youth singer grand prix .
Registration ,staff saw her size ,without even asking you want to her report in Bel canto .Official game, other players are hot hot dance .The dew on the stage appears, the audience are no applause ,but a boo .
&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;manna say ,in addition to stage the boos ,life is often because the body suffer from eye dew ,I don go to the cafeteria ,because once in the buffet to hear people say this life must have come back.
.&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;graduated from high school, entered the nectar of Southwest Normal University professional pop singing . University ,art professional beauty like clouds ,I more self-abased .
Dew said ,on time period, she even did not dare with mirror .&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;college graduates ,fellow students have entered the art group ,some as a teacher .23 year old manna every time before entering the interview was eliminated ,because it is too fat .
Helpless, she worked as a children piano tutor, only the image no request .9 monththin 70 catties &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;weight loss was very painful ,but she insisted &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;dew said ,at the age of 25, she decided to :do not fat ,lose weight .
&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;I tried to eat medicine reducing weight ,drinking the tea ,aerobics ,acupuncture ,and slimming cream ,all failed .Dew to realize ,want to lose weight successfully, must have system method and program ,and the combination of exercise .
&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;she is from the Internet to find a set of yoga to lose weight ,exercise every day .In addition ,she insisted that she do not eat rice ,flour ,oil ,meat ,fruits ,vegetables ,rice ,every day at 4 pm after not eating anything .
Begin very painful was ,I insist .After 3 months, the nectar from 166 kgreduced to 116 pounds ,50 poundslost all .&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;then ,she adjusted the scheme reducing weight ,weight loss period from the assault into the shaping stage .
In the body ,the dew to increase appetite, drink some soup ,eat little meat ,will be banned from the meal time from 4 pmto 6 timedelay .Six months later, manna weight reduced to 92 pounds .
&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;then ,the dew feel their energy than before ,and began to lose hair . I realized that the body may not be able to load ,so ,now I also want to remind the girls want to lose weight ,do not use the I pain was weight loss method ,will certainly to have to the body damage .
&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;weight was reduced to 92 jins,manna stopped to lose weight, slowly return to normal diet .Now ,her weight is maintained in the 95 kgto 100 kg.Copyright &copy ;CQ.

Six taste glutinous rehmannia ball can treat what disease

( men ,women ,the elderly ,divided children ,including simple pharmacological effect ) six taste glutinous rehmannia ball function Ziyin Bushen ,spoke of the kidney, people often can associate to function ,thought that only men can eat six taste glutinous rehmannia ball ,in fact ,doctor of traditional Chinese medicine of invigorating the kidney and is a scientific concept .
Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine in the kidney that kidney is not exactly the same, it not only refers to the renal entity ,but also a part of the body function in general, roughly equivalent to western the urinary ,reproductive system ,the endocrine ,nervous system function ,and the relationship of the energy metabolism ,respiration and the skeletal system function .
In TCM viscera – said ,of this congenital kidney ,five roots .The so-called imaginary ,namely the deficiency, refers to the function or material attenuation .According to the function of kidney essence are classified as negative and positive ,is the kidney ,say simply ,Yin refers to the kidney foundation material ,nutrients ,Yang refers to these substances play a role .
Since the kidney is divided the kidney ,correspondingly will also appear deficiency of kidney yin and kidney yang deficiency .The deficiency of the kidney and the modern corresponding to some system function linking words ,deficiency of kidney Yin refers to the kidney foundation material ,nutrient deficiency ,supply nervous ,endocrine ,genitourinary system nutrient deficiency of Kidney Yang is over ;the function of the system is low .
Yin ,Yang is also known as the Yuan Yin ,Yuanyang ,can be of other organs play a supplementary role ,adjust the Yin and yang .Chinese medicine kidney for the five internal organs of the root, renal strength can directly affect other organs ,kidney and nervous ,endocrine ,associated with the genitourinary system ,so by tonifying kidney can adjust the body throughout the health state ,achieve the organs of balance ,a balance of yin and yang .
While the Chinese description of the human body health state is Yin Pingyang secretary ,spirit .Kidney is not only with the ability or reproductive ability ,but with the entire human health ,so no man ,woman ,old people ,children can use the six tastes glutinous rehmannia pill .
Six taste glutinous rehmannia ball makes a man no longer awkward male sexual dysfunction :male sexual dysfunction is male sexual behavior and sexual sensation disorders ,often shown as the physiological response of arrhythmia or missing .
Human sexuality is instinctive ,is a psychological activity based on physiological activity .If there is abnormal ,it is best to help in solving psychological problems ,if not the psychological level ,it requires to help physicians .
Common male sexual dysfunction sexual abnormalities ( mainly refers to no sex or sexual libido ) ,erectile dysfunction ( impotence ,premature ejaculation ,semen, ) do not ejaculate .Chinese students think that the kidney controlling reproduction ,sexual dysfunction occurs with kidney related .
And six taste glutinous rehmannia pill for nourishing yin and kidney first party ,sexual dysfunction in men in many diseases have many applications .Modern experiments, six taste glutinous rehmannia ball can enhance sexual function ,the treatment of reproductive function mechanism is its effect on hypothalamus – pituitary – gonadal axis system at all levels of the integrated effect .
Therefore ,on male sexual dysfunction with see dizziness and tinnitus ,Yaoxisuanruan ,hot flushes, night sweats ,red tongue less moss ,Yin indications ,can give six taste glutinous rehmannia pill ( concentrated pill ) oral ,8 capsules each time,3 timesa day ,warm boiling water delivery service ,or with light salt water delivery service .
Male infertility :sterility factor is very complicated ,which is a very important reason is that the kidney is weak, the TCM classic inside classics in say: her husband … … Two eight kidney qi ,Tiangui to spill ,Qi ,yin and Yang ,it could be a son .
In kidney function, men had a Tiankui material ,this ability gradually mature ,can fine row of children .If the case is weak, it will affect the essence ,resulting in infertility .
Six taste glutinous rehmannia ball itself can Ziyin Bushen ,also can have effect on gonadal axis in multi tissue ,regulate ,coordinate system ,so it can promote the male reproductive function .
Studies have confirmed six taste glutinous rehmannia ball is obviously against the rattan oli-goethylene damage to sperm function .Male infertility patients with oral administration of six taste glutinous rehmannia ball ,review the semen sperm quantity increase significantly, sperm activity rate is increased remarkably ,and simultaneous measurement of serum LH ,t were significantly elevated .
Thus six taste glutinous rehmannia ball through effects on hypothalamus pituitary gonad axis and the improvement of sex hormone secretion ,thus promoting spermatogenesis .Prostatic diseases :the male prostate is control of micturition tap ,cannot open or close incompact ,causing micturition abnormality .
Common prostate disease, prostatitis ,prostatic hyperplasia .Chronic prostatitis mainly for low back pain ,lower abdomen ,perineum ,varicocele ,testicular discomfort ,frequent urination ,dysuria ,urinary burning or urination endlessly ;prostatic hyperplasia is also known as benign prostatic hypertrophy ,older male common disease ,its incidence increases with age ,men over the age of 50 in the50%–75%with prostatic hyperplasia symptoms .
Prostatic hyperplasia as the main performance of frequent urination ,dysuria ,acute urinary retention ,incontinence of urine ,blood in the urine .Prostate disease is often accompanied by dizziness ,insomnia and dreaminess ,backache ,upset and kidney-yin deficiency symptoms ,can give six taste glutinous rehmannia pill ( concentrated pill for treating ) .
Chronic prostate disease due to Jiuzhibuyu often have serious psychological burden ,therefore ,the elimination of psychological burden on the rehabilitation of the disease is very important .
At the same time to pay attention to daily life ,to maintain adequate rest and sleep ,moderate exercise, excessive fatigue ,sexual life ,not alcohol, do not eat a lot of food irritation ,soon sit and long time cycle ,soon in cold wet residence ,prevention of infectious diseases ,in order to avoid the congestion of prostate infection ,aggravating illness .
The male menopause :you know what ?Male climacteric syndrome !According to statistics ,about 1 / 3of themen had symptoms of menopause ,but because men have no similar female the obvious signs, at the same time ,males were less willing to showing the person to the weak ,more apt to restrain themselves ,so the male menopause more concealment ,not to easy to find .
In fact ,in males aged 40 years later, some people because of the male hormone decline appeared muscle relaxation ,nameless trouble Zao ,sweating, fatigue ,sexual dysfunction ,it is the male menopause .
Menopause symptoms appear, Chinese medicine and human body yin-yang recession ,such as inside classics in reference to: year of forty and have since half ,at the same time ,menopause, performance in line with Chinese medicine Yin deficiency syndrome :such as sweating ,upset ,red tongue without fur .
So it can use the six tastes glutinous rehmannia pill ( concentrated pill ) such drugs to conditioning .Six taste glutinous rehmannia
ball makes a woman beautiful life of female climacteric syndrome :female climacteric syndrome is due to menopause (now 40to 60 years old) ovarian dysfunction ,endocrine and metabolic disorders caused by the balance ,estrogen and progesterone reduce ,pituitary follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone secretion increases ,causing the hypothalamus and the autonomic nervous system central nervous system dysfunction, to produce different degree of a series of clinical symptoms, including reproductive system ,cardiovascular system ,nervous system and osteoporosis and other changes, such as reproductive system symptoms :menstrual cycle disorder ,genital atrophy ,drying ,pain ,itching and discomfort; nervous system symptoms :dizziness ,tinnitus ,insomnia ,anxiety ,forgetful ,paroxysmal facial flushing ,sweating ,palpitations ,head and neck swelling heat ,skin numbness ;osteoporosis symptoms :joint pain ,low back pain ,easy fracture ,easy to cramp ,and loss of skin elasticity ,dry ,dull, hair falling .
Female climacteric syndrome of traditional Chinese medicine insomnia to learn ,forget ,liver disease category .Its etiology is increasing with age ,entrails hypofunction ,or affected by environmental ,emotional impact, resulting in liver and kidney deficiency ,imbalance of yin and yang .
Because of this congenital kidney ,and human growth ,development ,reproduction and senescence are closely related, it really Yin deficiency is the major pathogenesis of climacteric syndrome .
Six taste glutinous rehmannia ball through Yin and kidney ,liver and spleen ,supplement with Buzhong have diarrhoea ,regulating the balance of yin and Yang ,improving the aging body hormone disorders ,therefore the clinical commonly used in the treatment of the disease .
In addition to clinical studies suggest that patients with climacteric syndrome ,oral administration of six taste glutinous rehmannia ball ,found in leukocytes from patients with Er content and plasma estradiol levels significantly increased ( E2 ).
Six taste glutinous rehmannia pill in treating climacteric syndrome provides basis .Dysfunctional uterine bleeding :referred to as dub ,also known as refers to women with irregular vaginal bleeding ,due to ovarian dysfunction caused by abnormal ,but no genital lesions .
Common symptom has lost the normal menstrual cycle regularity ,the volume too much ,prolonged menstruation ,intermenstrual bleeding ,gynecological examination more than normal .TCM believes that dub belong to metrorrhagia ,Dongheng ten book ,LAN cache room cloud: woman of kidney Yin cannot hold water flooding cellular network is fire ,the blood of its also go .
The pathogenesis of kidney essence is deficient ,and related Tiangui losses ,it should capture the essence of kidney Yin deficient treatment ,comply with the menstrual cycle physiological change ,master effective treatment time and treatment .
General menstrual clean after until after the interval ,treatment of this disease is the opportunity .This takes six taste glutinous rehmannia ball ,often yield results is remarkable ,also with the time gradually with Yin tonic .
Six taste glutinous rehmannia pill for nourishing liver and kidney yin ,to make up the main residence ,in purging characteristics, is consistent with this disease and kidney partial virtual nature of the pathogenesis characteristics .
Chloasma chloasma :for a clear boundary of the pale brown to brown stain ,number and size ,can be fused to each other, generally no discomfort feeling .Often found in the cheeks ,forehead ,nose ,eyelid and around the mouth .
Chloasma is Chinese dark spots . .Chinese pay attention to look ,hear ,ask ,cut ,Hope the most important is to look look ,because face complexion can reflect the essence of the rise and fall of five viscera .
Surgery authentic in reference to: dark spots ,water deficit cannot be made into fire ,blood weak can meat, so that fire dry form spots black ,color withered not ze .Here the water deficit refers to the renal water shortage ( Yin) .
Clever ,said colored article :… … Black kidney ,kidney deficiency patients with a black without china .Kidney problems often face is black, so the Chloasma by nourishing liver and kidney method of treatment ,six taste glutinous rehmannia ball in this area also won the good effect .
Six taste glutinous rehmannia ball Let aging came later in senile dementia : Alzheimer means of senile ( male above 65 years old ,female 55 years old of above ) the occurrence of chronic progressive mental defect ,and brain tissue characteristic pathological changes of a mental illness .
Senile dementia incidence of hidden gradually ,slow progression of symptoms ,often evident only to hospital .Personality change is the disease is most common at the beginning of symptoms ,patients become lack of initiative ,activity decreases ,eccentric, selfish, don change the environment, on the surrounding environment interest in reducing ,and the lack of enthusiasm .
Then interest range is narrow ,indifferent ,emotional instability ,irritable ,due to a trivial and fury ,noisy sometimes ,without playing Ma ,do not pay attention to health, can control over their own lives ,often collecting scraps of paper ,cloth and other waste to treasure .
Exacerbations ,lower intention to enhance performance ,public nudity ,sexual excitement .Dementia syndrome is another important symptom of this disease .Beginning as a memory disorder ,nearly memory loss is particularly significant, such as forget just done, forget lunch and dinner ,go out to recognize the road home ,memorizing and retention ability is poor .
The further development of the disease is much memory disorders ,forget the family members and their name, sometimes because of memory loss and fictional ,abstract thinking obstacles also earlier ,on primary and secondary is not divided ,easy to extreme, stubbornly stick to his own views .
Judgment disturbance ,patients are often stolen ,suspicious ,appear toxic delusion .Senile dementia patients in the brain by CT scan and MRI examination can be found in brain atrophy phenomenon .
According to traditional Chinese medicine, this disease is a systemic disease ,disease in the brain ,heart and spleen and kidney dysfunction is closely related to .Renal bone marrow, the deficiency of the kidney essence can not provide enough nutrients to the brain ,resulting in conscious is not clear .
Treatment of senile dementia and kidney is one of the important methods .Six taste glutinous rehmannia ball has the functions of invigorating kidney function, is the disease .Modern research has found ,six taste glutinous rehmannia ball can promote brain blood circulation ,can strengthen memory .
According to the Taiwan University researchers found that ,six taste glutinous rehmannia ball to the progressive and degenerative amnesia has a preventive effect ,suitable for the normal aging and Alzheimer patients ,especially for neurasthenia ,easy to forget things and learning ability has effect .
Six taste glutinous rehmannia ball efficacy and dosing is proportional to time ,delivery time is longer, the more obvious effect .Senile constipation :the elderly due to digestion and absorption of dysfunction ,less activity, prone to cause gastrointestinal peristalsis function abate and constipation .
TCM believes that the renal division two ,at the same time the elderly constipation with young people, young people because of excess heat within the node ,and the elde
rly because of lack of body fluid ,so the Chinese medicine treatment is liquid increasing Zhou also is to supplement the body fluid ,intestinal fluid .
Six taste glutinous rehmannia ball with kidney function and Yin function ,can fundamentally human vaginal fluid ,achieve a laxative effect .Hypertension :hypertension is a clinical common disease ,but also has a trend of younger .
TCM believes that the occurrence of hypertension are damaged by excess of seven emotions ,and pathogenesis of liver and kidney yin deficiency ,hyperactivity of liver-yang; thus the Yin and Yang Li as the main treatment method .
Six taste glutinous rehmannia ball mainly for yin deficiency of liver and kidney syndrome based medicine ,so it can be widely used in the treatment of hypertension by traditional Chinese medicine first-line drug .
Clinical and experimental research shows ,the six tastes glutinous rehmannia pill has significant antihypertensive lipid regulating effect ,and can improve the blood rheology ,protect blood vessels endothelial cells ,prevention and treatment of hypertensive cardiovascular damage .
Six taste glutinous rehmannia ball especially for hypertension disease early ,or prehypertension ,hypertension or I level ,has good effect ,can be in a lifestyle intervention based on the application of six taste glutinous rehmannia pill in the treatment of ,or with plug Qin drugs ;for II grade hypertension ,or complications of hypertension ,should with Western Medicine step-down treatment ,can be complemented by six taste glutinous rehmannia pill .
Diabetes mellitus :Traditional Chinese medicine will polydipsia ,polyuria ,eating ,weight loss typical of diabetes symptoms known as diabetes ,the congenital deficiency ,acquired wild eating ,eating rich food sources ,or physical less consumption caused by too easy ;pathogenesis is deficiency of yin deficiency heat ,for this ,the standard for heat ;nourishing yin and clearing heat Li as the main treatment method .
Six taste glutinous rehmannia pill in the treatment of diabetes is to the pathogenesis .Clinical and experimental studies have shown ,six taste glutinous rehmannia ball can improve glucose metabolism ,reduced fasting blood glucose levels ,improve glucose tolerance ;could increase hepatic glycogen content ,on the adrenal hyperglycemia also has the obvious inhibitory action ;reduced renal tissue LPO content, increased SOD activity ,improve renal hyperfiltration ,prompting the six tastes glutinous rehmannia pill on diabetic complication of blood vessels have preventive effects .
On the impaired glucose tolerance ,mild type 2 diabetes ( such as fasting glucose is 10mmol/ L ) ,in a lifestyle intervention ( such as diet and increased physical activity ) on the basis of a single ,with six taste glutinous rehmannia pill treatment ,blood glucose control is not satisfied with can be added with metformin or acarbose ping .
For moderate in type 2 diabetes ,fasting blood glucose, &gt ;10 mmol/ L ,can be orally medicine or injections of insulin hypoglycemic ,to six taste glutinous rehmannia ball to improve the patient symptoms ,improve lipid metabolism disturbance ,correct the complications of dangerous factors .
Six taste glutinous rehmannia pill in the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellituscan according to the condition of application and long-term or short-term disabled .Chronic kidney disease :chronic nephritis ,chronic renal failure and nephrotic syndrome with renal disease pathogenesis is complicated ,but many viscera is deficient, especially in the nephron loss mainly .
A famous medical experts believe ,in treatment based on syndrome differentiation under the premise ,has always attached importance to reinforce element ,good effect will be achieved important experience .
Clinical observation shows that ,six taste glutinous rehmannia pill in treatment of chronic nephritis can improve proteinuria ,improvement of symptoms ;pharmacological studies have shown that, the six tastes glutinous rehmannia pill can improve renal function ,regulate immune function ,reduce inflammation injury ;on renal ischemia has a protective effect ,can improve the ischemic kidney tissue in sod .
These findings for six taste glutinous rehmannia pill on kidney disease application provides basis .Six taste glutinous rehmannia ball can be used as a basis for treatment of chronic nephropathy with traditional Chinese medicine .
Six taste glutinous rehmannia ball for healthy growth of children in pediatric dysplasia : a pediatric dysplasia refers to children born after its growth rate is low in children the same age ,and lower than the lower limit of the normal range .
Often in the teeth out ,time step ,adorable language learning ,thinking ability and several ways to measure .Traditional Chinese medicine college according to its characteristics, there are five late * ,five soft .
Current treatment with tonifying kidney and replenishing essence ,the main square medicine is the six tastes glutinous rehmannia pill .The creation of Qian Yi at the beginning of six taste glutinous rehmannia ball is also used for pediatric dysplasia .
* five :refers to the legislation later late ,late ,late ,tooth row – late ,late ,growth retardation syndromes ,these five situations can be seen one ,or several and see .TCM believes that parents ,Qi and blood deficiency ,congenital deficiency, resulting in children born after limb weakness ,failing to stand and walk ,sit instability ,or teeth did not graduate ,or fontanel has not closed ,or hair and students ,students are not black or yellow ,rare ,severe mental retardation ,glassy ,Ji the age of slurred speech .
These are five late ,also is the modern people said pediatric dysplasia .Enuresis in children: pediatric sleep unconsciously voiding ,commonly known as bed-wetting ,sober during the day when the normal urination .
Are common in children over the age of three .Renal division two ,deficiency of the kidney can not restrain bladder ,leading to enuresis occurrence .Treatment is mainly from the kidney of .
By six taste glutinous rehmannia pill in treating yang deficiency cold ,with performance can use Guifu Dihuang pill to treat .At the same time to correct the easy cause enuresis :back lying posture ,posture correcting method is to use a tape for pediatric back after a node to make when supine and discomfort to the lateral .
For enuresis children ,we must pay attention to reduce the psychological burden .If the children under three years old ,because the development is not perfect ,the normal voiding habits not develop ,or due to excessive daytime play ,psychomotor agitation .
I I wet the bed at night ,is not sick .Six taste glutinous rehmannia ball role in health care anti-aging :aging is the body physiological phenomenon ,such as the age is not large ,has to look old and clumsy ,it is the problem of premature aging .
Senescence is the irresistible law of nature ,however ,along with the medical and science development ,aging is also more and more possibility .Aging and body in the metabolism of free radicals in vivo accumulation can not be eliminated in time ,and damage to the cell ,the cell lipid peroxidation ,produce lipid peroxidation ,lipofuscin .
At the same time ,make the protein cross-linking ,degeneration ,and soluble protein content decreased, thus affecting the body normal activities in life ,thus ,senescence arises .Free radicals generated too many reasons and resist free radical damage by scavenging enzymes such as superoxide dismutase enzym
e system related to decline .
Experimental studies have found ,with 1% six taste glutinous rehmannia Decoction feeding after emergence of Musca domestica, can prolong the survival time ;in 3%six taste glutinous rehmannia Decoction feeding is increased the brain SOD activity and protein content decreased ,and lipofuscin .
Another experiment to Rehmanniae Decoction of six ingredients in four gentleman soup ,can be significantly reduced through ultraviolet radiation mouse lipid peroxide ,increased superoxide dismutase activity ,which means the combination of the two sides have antioxidant ,aging effect .
Six taste glutinous rehmannia pill delaying consenescence effect is also shown in the disease state of the animal to have this role .Experimental discovery ,Rehmanniae Decoction of six ingredients can be treated with alloxan induced diabetes in male Wistar rats ,this method can significantly reduce the blood sugar ,reduce the myocardial lipid peroxide and catalase ratio, six taste glutinous rehmannia ball can eliminate free radicals in the myocardium ,reduce the myocardial lipid peroxidation in .
Prolonged gavage for six Mei Dihuang Decoction in aging mice ,it can improve the aging mouse memory and memory retention ,improved spatial memory capacity ,and improve the conditioned avoidance response ability .
Six taste glutinous rehmannia ball have good resistance to DNA damage ,six taste glutinous rehmannia pill on DNA damage is the main mechanism of the anti-aging effects of .Of course ,these are from free-redical learning theory do some experiments ,for the drug anti-aging effects must be more extensive ,such as the regulation of immune function ,anti arrhythmia and myocardial ischemia ,improve the ability of stress and enhance the body tolerance ,protecting liver and kidney function should belong to six taste glutinous rehmannia pill on Anti aging mechanism .
Sub health :at present, a lot of people in society because of the work ,pressure, often feel fatigue, depressed mood ,often insomnia dreaminess ,always doubted what ails and turn to the doctor ,but to the hospital for a check, the biochemical ,physical indicators are normal .
If so ,then you may be entered into the sub-health state .Who for health under the formal definition is :refers to the physiological ,psychological and social adaptation of three respects all good a condition ,and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity .
However ,according to the who a Xiang Quanqiu survey shows that ,the world really healthy people accounted for only 5% ,via doctor examination ,diagnosis of sick people accounted for only 20%,75%people in inferior health .
Inferior healthy between healthy and unhealthy like sick state ,is that people in physical and mental ,emotional aspects in health and disease among health state of low quality and experience .
Sub health state of disease may be a latency or early nonspecific state ,may also be the cause of some diseases of the earliest reason . Inferior healthy properly handled ,it can transform to the health body ;conversely ,the body will appear the true disease .
Sub health of the main performance: Spirit: easily tired ,thought slack ,be confused in mind ,mind is not clear ;facial facial abnormalities in sensory :headache ,vertigo and tinnitus, facial pain ,eye fatigue ,decreased visual acuity ,pharyngeal foreign body sensation ;limbs abnormal feeling :hands and feet numbness ,trick sweat sticky or cold ;easy cold ,loss of appetite ,insomnia ,memory loss ,sweating during sleep ,constipation etc.
.The motherland medical early in Neijing in ,have on health state descriptions :Yin Pingyang secretary ,spirit .That is to say ,once the rough ,Yin Yang is not secret ,will appear with mental disorders ,fatigue and other sub-health all kinds of discomfort symptoms .
Treatment of sub health ,Chinese medicine from the point of view ,the key is to adjust the body Yin and Yang Qi and blood balance ,at the same time from the daily life with :to ensure adequate sleep ,adjusting diet structure, with meat and vegetables ,proper physical exercise .
Modern life injury Yin a lot of factors :climate is dry ,often stay up late ,anxiety ,alcohol and tobacco are loss of human ,Zhu Danxi also said :it is impossible to Yin Yang insufficiency .
From the performance of sub-health ,belong to the Yin symptoms are relatively common ,so in the treatment of sub health state, often can use add to the body of Yin drugs ,representative prescription is six taste glutinous rehmannia pill .
In modern pharmacological confirmed six taste glutinous rehmannia ball is capable of improving human immunity ,improving anti-stress ability, complement the human body trace element effect .In clinical application, the six tastes glutinous rehmannia pill for improving sub-health state has significant curative effect .
Six taste glutinous rehmannia ball can be regarded as a kind of the system is good to the role as is the regulator ,can improve the immune function ,improve the body energy ,reaction force ;enhanced endurance ,fatigue resistance ,resistance to oxidative stress ;these functions for sub-health laid theoretical foundation .
Six taste glutinous rehmannia pill prescription has two big characteristics ,which is different from the general tonic health care products ,more suitable for long-term application of sub-health population ;the one six taste glutinous rehmannia ball to invigorate the kidney of liver spleen kidney three yin with fill, but benefit ,make the other side face adapted to very wide ;the three complement three diarrhea ,in a purging ,combination of static and dynamic ,so that consumers can be completed without delay ,long-term application .
Methods: the day early ,late ,weak brine take six taste glutinous rehmannia ball ,8 capsules each time.The if often terribly fatigued ,backache ,early ,late West ginseng tablets water sends take six taste glutinous rehmannia ball ,8 capsules each time.
If the insomnia ,dreaminess ,sleep quality is poor ,to Suanzaoren water take six taste glutinous rehmannia ball ,8 capsules each time,early ,late 1 times.The above is only for men ,women ,the elderly ,children in six taste glutinous rehmannia ball and six taste glutinous rehmannia ball role in health care are described ,and in fact ,can be applied to six taste glutinous rehmannia ball .
The common are: insomnia ,vertigo ,toothache ,prevention and treatment of chemotherapy adverse reactions ,old chronic bronchitis ,asthma .According to the national Ministry of science and technology plan 973 key scientific issues on prescription ,six taste glutinous rehmannia ball at statistical literature at home and abroad shows that ,six taste glutinous rehmannia ball can be used for more than 20 ofthe other 435kind ofdiseases .

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