Top 10 Cv Tips In The Construction Job

Business When applying for a new Construction Job, there are several major things to bear in mind. Here are top 10 tips from theCONSTRUCTIONjob… Simplicity Do not over .plicate the CV. It is your one and only chance to impress the reader, so keep it simple and pull out your strongest points to sell yourself. Keep it short, to the point and punchy. Achievements Achievements are important to highlight and shows the reader the level of your ability. Use active verbs, such as, managed, led, responsible for, achieved as this just highlights all of your skills in an effective way. Work chronologically The CV should start with your current or last employment and work backwards. If this is your first job, then list any work experience you have got in the construction industry. If you have many years experience, include about 5 previous employers. Include the employer’s name, job title, start and end dates and include a short description of your job along with your major achievements. Honesty Avoid lies and exaggerating. If you are lucky enough to be invited to an interview, you will be asked to elaborate on what you have put in your CV. Interviewers can identify liars via body language. If you get caught out, you will not even be considered for the role so it is not worth it. Education Make sure you include your education but perhaps highlight those achievements made at this stage of your life (outside of work) e.g. captain of the football team, chess champion etc so it shows that you are enthusiastic and motivated outside of the daily grind. Qualifications If you have specific construction qualifications, make sure these are clearly highlighted in the CV and make sure those most relevant are listed first. Overcrowded CV Do not squash everything together on one page. It will not be easy to read and probably won’t flow very well. Make sure it is pleasing to the eye because if is not, the reader will quickly lose interest. Spelling Use a spell check on your document as well as making sure you read through it several times in case certain words and grammatical errors are missed. If you make mistakes, it makes them think you can’t even be bothered. Ask a friend By asking someone else to check over it, they may pick up things you have missed, such as, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or presentation mishaps. You can look over it 20 times and still miss the same thing. Another pair of fresh eyes may pick it up straight away. References You do not need to provide references on the CV you can just put References available on request’. Whatever you decide, before you use someone’s name, make sure you have checked with him or her first. These top 10 tips will give you a quick idea of what you should do when writing your CV and what it should include to help you to secure your next construction job! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Use Your Ebay Store To Double Your Sales-pt100分度表ֶȱ�

Auctions If you don’t have an eBay store you could be losing money big time. Why? When eBay stores first came out they were a flop. They actually wanted you to pay big time listing fees to put items in your store for up to 30 days but store items don’t appear in the regular eBay searches. Because eBay stores were not doing that well eBay added "Good Till Canceled" listings. The listing fees are only 5 cents every 30 days which is a total bargain. But the big problem again is eBay store items don’t appear in regular searches. So how can you still make money? Simple, list a "Good Till Canceled" item and then PROMOTE it using you regular eBay auctions. Put a section at the bottom of your auctions with "mini ads" directly linked to your eBay store items. You are not breaking any rules because you are linking to your own eBay auction which is allowed. Because eBay stores items are so much cheaper to list, it’s an excellent way generate higher profits. There are three different store subscriptions for an eBay store; eBay Basic, Featured, and Anchor, in order of price. Of course, you would want to start out with the Basic Store ($15.95 p/month) rather than Anchor ($499.95 p/month), but you might want to upgrade to the Featured option ($49.95 p/month). With a featured store, you get $30 of free eBay keywords every month, meaning that you can place your listing at the top of the page for the keywords you choose. This means, more exposure, and can also significantly increase your store sales. Owning an eBay store will not only bring you more sales, but itll cost you less by using it in the long run. These are just some of the many advantages of owning an eBay store. Once you own one, youll wonder why you didnt go for it sooner. Try this method out. It could make you a lot of money. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Seth Shumaker Kirksville Missouri Has Extensive Expertise In The Legal Arena-whereisip

Business Seth Shumaker Kirksville Missouri had a successful legal career of more than two decades. He practiced law concentrating in areas of criminal law, personal injury, class action and mass action. In 1982, he graduated from Kirksville Senior High School, Kirksville, Missouri. He graduated 3rd out of 182. In 1986, he graduated Magna Cum Laude from Northeast Missouri State University (now Truman State University), Kirksville, Missouri. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Administration from this prestigious university. He graduated from University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law with Juris Doctor in the year 1989. Throughout his career, Seth Shumaker attorney has worked at various capacities. He was tutor at American Government Classes at Northeast Missouri State University from 1982-1986. He then served as a clerk at Gary Speath, Attorney at Law, Red Lodge, Montana for three years. He was Special Prosecuting Attorney at Adair County, Missouri. He has practiced law for over twenty years at 716, South Baltimore, Kirksville. He has also provided litigation support under civil practice which included seeking restitution for victims of crime. He secured the evidence which resulted in arrest and conviction of Dr. Stephen Barber, who attempted to bribe victims of child molestation. Seth Shumaker attorney was an important witness and was also credited for causing Tom Oswald to admit his guilt in the crime of child molestation. Mr. Tom Oswald was also a Kirksville Missouri attorney and despite this, Seth Shumaker not only assisted in securing these convictions but also provided litigation support services for the victim. Seth Shumaker Kirksville Missouri has been honored with various awards and accolades. He was Outstanding Young Man of America 1986; part of National Deans List 1986 and was also Legislative Aide to Representative Estil Fretwall, Missouri General Assembly 1986. From 2000-2006, he has served at Board of Directors, LaPlata State Bank, LaPlata, Missouri. He was admitted to Missouri Bar in 1990 and was also admitted to Wyoming Bar. He is also author of Missouri Bar CLE deskbook, Sentencing Considerations. He likes to play golf and collect cigars in his free time. About The Author: Sanford Maris is a technical writer, researcher who has a passion of writing and research. He mainly spends his time to informative websites like Wikipedia and Squidoo. Nowadays, Hes writing about finance articles which are his core interest. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Question Banks In

Reference-and-Education Question bank on videos gives you better interactive experience. You need the right interactive experience while learning. The right experience will sustain your interest and also retention value of the knowledge acquired. The tools like question banks in videos enables the process of learning and keeps the learner and educator in the .fort zone. The media of videos or the audio-visual medium is an effective tool for both, teachers in the process of teaching and for the learners in the process of learning. They aid teachers as a teaching aid and help them draw the attention of learners. For learners, the medium aids them in understanding easily the concepts, lessons or question banks that is delivered. They can be used repeatedly for viewing and can be permanent asset for practice, revision, or to have casual review during even during leisure time. You can turn question bank in videos into a tool of game and turn learning into fun. Question banks in videos on online education sites can be an effective method of collective learning. You can ask questions online to subject matter experts moderating these sites and also learn from others understanding of the lessons and the subjects, take help in working on. You can gather perspective, reaffirm you learning of the concepts, examine concepts critically to develop better understanding, and expand your knowledge base with inputs from others. This you need not restrict a small group but widens being on the net. The whole process you can undertake in an informal environment and gain to take your academic pursuits ahead. Social networking sites transforming their online presence into edusocial corners are including e learning tools. The tools among various other resources like reference resources, graphics, test papers, sample model question papers have the resource of question banks in videos to take care of CBSE syllabus along with others. These sites have innumerable learning tools which you can use to enable your learning process. They can make you social networking add value to your learning process and supplement your academic pursuits. You can gradually slip into learning mode from the informal environment and get back to your studies with revitalized energy. Edusocial corners which .bine social .working platform with e learning can make your leisure time spent on the . being used more purposefully. Along with providing this e learning tools they also provide subject matter experts support to guide you during learning. These experts have years of rich experience in teaching the CBSE syllabus and understating the evaluation system. They can guide you when you are learning from the question banks in videos on the site, clear doubts of question you want to ask, and help you with references resources available on the site. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

How Chicago Marketing Firms Are Changing In 2011-soojin

UnCategorized Each year, effective marketing strategies continue to evolve with advancing technology, growing consumer and business trends, and the changing economy. In 2011, Chicago marketing firms will be making wide strides that largely involve the Internet, a space that has be.e extremely critical in today’s always-connected market. Consumers are using the Internet to search for stores, restaurants and businesses. They are accessing the Web from their phones and iPads, and they are staying in the loop through blogs, Facebook and Twitter. From expanding search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and fresh Web design services to delving further into social media marketing, Chicago marketing firms are making several changes for success in 2011. Read on to learn more. Expanding SEO: SEO strategies will expand in 2011, as big search engines like Google continue to offer more tools and services for Web users to find exactly what they need through keyword searches. SEO has already gone beyond simply attaching a few meta tags and keywords to a website’s content. Now, SEO is helping businesses identify popular keyword searches, target the right audience, improve overall website performance and increase ROI. With local SEO services, for example, local businesses can put their services, products and even photos and reviews on the map, generating more website traffic and new customers through high rankings on Google Maps search results. Fresh Web Design Sevices: Searching the Internet is no longer confined to a home .puter or office desk. People are bringing the Internet wherever they go, on screens large and small, through their mobile phones or iPads. Chicago Web design services in 2011 are taking these new gadgets into account, designing Web pages that catch the eye, function properly and are still easy-to-navigate no matter what device is used to access the site. In addition, effective Web design services require simple, consistent usability controls that .municate a message while aligning with constantly-changing and expanding SEO strategies, Web trends and user preferences. Social Media Marketing: With the rapidly increasing popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as blogs on nearly every topic imaginable, Chicago marketing firms will take social media marketing to the next level in 2011. Facebook and Twitter have already be.e valuable ways for businesses to connect with customers, providing news, discounts, special events and customer support through social networking profiles. Blogs have also be.e effective marketing tools, providing .pany updates, further information on services and products, and industry news and research that keep customers interested. Here’s to a successful 2011! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: