Chongqing rail transit line nine will start the construction of the track yesterday

Chongqing metro line nine started yesterday will reproduce track No. 9 Xian Jiahua in the Jialing River bridge rail line 9 station hall renderings renderings of the newspaper news (reporter Paul Liu Intern Hou Jialin) yesterday morning, the Chongqing metro line nine project in line No. nine Kai Lan Xi station construction site officially opened. Metro line nine is approved by the State Council of the city urban rail transit construction project is the second round of planning, the city’s first rail lines by PPP investment and financing mode construction. A project from gaotanyan District of Shapingba, Yubei District is the end point back Hing, a southwest to northeast direction, a total length of 32.3 km, a total investment of 21 billion 100 million yuan, the construction period is 4 years, is expected to be commissioned in 2020. It is understood that the first phase of rail transit line nine will be with line 1, line 3, line 4, line 5, line 5 line, line 6, line and loop transfer. Bus station planning along the bus station, parking lot and other transportation facilities, after the completion of the convenience of convergence with other modes of transport. As the city’s southwest to northeast direction along the rail line, line nine, a project through the Southwest Hospital, Shapingba District, Chongqing Plaza, Guanyin Bridge business district, Jiangbei town CBD, Cuntan bonded port and Airport Industrial Park (area B), passenger flow distribution and development of key areas, is one of the backbone of the city’s rail transit line in the network, connecting the Shapingba District, Yuzhong District, Jiangbei District, Yubei District and the two rivers area. It is worth mentioning that the first phase of the nine line in the village station will reproduce the track through the floor. It is understood that the nine line will be elevated in Chongqing Jialing sails project world commercial podium inside China Village station. Such a design will reproduce the rail transit line 2 plum plum dam station through the shocking scene. At the same time, this is also the first domestic, will become the first floor in the building and wear station of Metro line. And the Jialing River Bridge renderings – related news 4 track lines will open next year operating segment Washington (reporter Paul Liu Intern Hou Jialin) yesterday, the Chongqing morning news reporter learned from the city and Rural Construction Committee, rail link, line 4 phase (CAS Avenue Tang Jiatuo), line 5 phase (Garden Expo – Tiaodeng), line 10 phase (carp pond – Wangjiazhuang) 4 rail lines will continue according to the situation of the building, with the traffic conditions in the next year after being opened, operating segment. At present, the city is promoting rail link, line 4, line 5 phase construction, line 10 phase 4 line construction, the main station interval. At the same time, this year the city will also start line 6 line of the second phase (Yue – Shahe dam), line two, phase ten (carp pool – Orchid Road) and other lines. Up to now, the city has built 1, 2, 3, line 6, a total of 202 km rail lines, the highest daily passenger volume of up to 2 million 410 thousand times, the average daily passenger volume of more than 2 million times. By 2020, the city will form a eight line and a ring of rail transportation, a total of about 415 km. Soil and water Jialing River Bridge started this newspaper (reporter Chen Xiang) yesterday morning, Chongqing soil.相关的主题文章:

Li Chen Fan Bingbing fell in love for 520 days in h&amp m2017 year series of endorsement;

Li Chen Fan Bingbing fell in love for 520 days in H& M2017 year series of endorsements; lead: H& (Hennes; M & Mauritz AB) is pleased to announce the famous movie star Li Chen and Fan Bingbing H& will speak to couple the image; M spring 2017 fashion series. Li Chen Fan Bingbing H& the year of advocacy work; M2017 series by the couple, the 520 day (I love you) love anniversary, a sweet shooting advertising photos of their first as a couple endorsement of the series kicked off. The film was shot by Chen Man, a famous fashion photographer, to promote happiness and love on the occasion of the spring festival. Spring Festival series will be in January 2017 in mainland China, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines stores and online exclusive sale. Li Chen said: "the Spring Festival is the biggest global Chinese is the most important festival to celebrate the celebration, and love is definitely a blessing. I am very pleased to be able to join hands with Bing Bing debut in H& M’s new year series of advertising, I hope that our natural emotions can touch the hearts of the new year." Fan Bingbing said: I am very happy to speak with Li Chen H& M 2017 spring series. Whenever the Spring Festival will be filled with joy, high streets and back lanes red, then can wear their own style and talent shows itself absolutely important."相关的主题文章:

Nanyang dream, sea Asgard ultimate travel Sohu – Tourism 姉summer

Nanyang dream, sea Asgard ultimate travel Sohu and Nanyang Travel dream, a male lion five-star cruise travel photography by the way the extreme southerly constellation school inside said, male Leo passion, open-minded, I do not know in the crowd, the accurate rate is high, at least in my place, extremely fit. As a Leo male, especially love the sea, love its vast magnificent, endless,? Look, often lofty! With the Star Cruises Virgo from the Pearl River Estuary navigation to Vietnam, Da Nang and Ha Long Bay, a delicacy beauty, peacefulness, the ultimate experience people reluctant to leave. Entertainment star cruises Virgo is divided into thirteen layers, in addition to guest rooms and restaurant, also with the Lido opera, health center, recreation center, KTV, billiards room, fitness room, swimming pool, massage pool and recreation center. Special love standing on the bow or stern face, blowing sea breeze, watching the ship sprays, tired, comfortable on the couch less inclination, at this time, heaven and earth and the sea, three-in-one, small but distinguished people. Many people like to swim at the top of the boat, swimming on the top of the five-star cruise ship feel different. You can swim in the swimming pool on both sides of the massage pool vesicles, spa and enjoy the ultimate experience of sunbathing. Walking on the deck, or open balcony door, or lying on the balcony seat, as the sea breeze, smell slightly smell the sea waves, also feel comfortable. In the afternoon, I like to drink a cup of coffee, read a few pages of the slow life to enjoy the sea floating wonderful and comfortable! The seven floor of the central hall every day, I would go to the central hall, located on the seven floor of the central hall decoration magnificent, regularly held cultural performances, such as piano solo, band, dance groups and other entertainment projects. There is a sea pianist. The pianist at sea is not only a handsome man, but also a wonderful singer. Every day, there is a large group of fans to follow. Although the concert for the classic Cantonese songs, I was a foreigner. Executive Suite star executive suite low-key luxury decoration style, West style elegant, fine interior decoration to have a trace of nobility! The walls of the room hung with a lot of oil paintings, reflecting the elegant temperament of the room, as if the people into the western aristocracy. Luxury bed, plus private balcony, privileged experience! In addition to the executive suite, Virgo there are other types of Fangxing choice, this time we are living in the 9 floor balcony sea view room, sleeping in bed can see the sea view, open balcony door can blow breeze, listening to the waves. I like to sit on the balcony chair with my brothers, I feel very happy! Starlight video game center star video game center for the establishment of friends like games. Sit on the couch and play the game! Corridor decoration is magnificent. Ha Long Bay Ha Long Bay is known as the "sea of Guilin", and Chinese the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau, Guangxi and Guangdong Qingyuan area belong to the Karst landform, the characteristics of Karst mountain, many wind cave in different poses and with different expressions, far相关的主题文章:

1 families of the victims due to flash floods sued the water authority and other claims 4 million 60 zghd

1 8 of the families of the victims sued by flash flood water and other claims 4 million 600 thousand – Sohu news August 4, 2015 and on the 5 day, 6 day, China Daily reported that the "small Yu sudden flood caused 9 people were killed" news for three days. 9 of the victims were a family of 8, they were in the farmhouse to the elderly birthday encounter flash floods. At present, the surviving in torrents in Xu Xu Fei, protecting prosecution involved farmhouse, the Changan District Water Bureau, Xi’an City Land Resources Bureau Changan branch, request compensation for losses of 4649106 yuan. > > review the family into the mountains to the elderly sudden flash floods washed away 8 people celebrate August 3, 2015 at 5:15 in the afternoon, Xi’an City, Changan District Wang Mang street small river village sudden flash floods, 9 people have been floods washed after two days of search and rescue, rescue workers found the remains of 9 victims, 8 of them are home Shaw the village of Xi’an Weiyang Xu family, and Xu family along with the mountain is to give the elderly birthday. For survivors Xu Fei, flash floods at the moment he is always lingering shadow. Xu Fei said that the day is his father’s birthday, so the whole family decided to go to the mountain to the old farmhouse birthday, including his brother, a family of three, four of his family, his sister and brother-in-law (Xu protecting) parents, a total of 11 people. The time of the incident, his sister and brother-in-law survived, he was rushed down the river immediately after being put up, some minor injuries, but the other 8 family members were killed, including the oldest 74 years old, the youngest only 9 years old. The farmhouse owner Mr. Feng Xu confirmed that fly. Mr. Feng said: "they had a (Xu fly a) to a dozen people, to give the elderly birthday, I would have a barbecue in the farmhouse, but because the car was late with meat, they eat lunch in my home. Around 5 pm, with meat after the car up the mountain, they are ready to grill meat, flood suddenly broke out, there are 9 in the family had been washed down, in addition to 1 adults was saved, and the other 8 farmhouse house together, the pavilion was washed away." > > relatives of the victims of natural disasters caused by the accident is not charged water, land department supervision although things have passed more than a year, but Xu fly told it the mood is still very low. Xu Fei said that after the accident, the original pavilion was demolished, the office of the Changan District flood control and drought relief headquarters set up a warning sign on the site of the incident, warning people not to stay there, don’t Luandaluanjian, but he found the local departments to reflect this, the other that the accident belongs to God, to his home encounter post processing has been no clear statement. Therefore, he had to solve the matter through judicial channels. At the beginning of July this year, Xu Fei and sister Xu protecting filed a complaint to the Changan District court, the prosecution involved the farmhouse, the Changan District Water Bureau, Changan Bureau of land and resources bureau. According to the indictment shows Xu Fei, they asked three defendants to pay compensation, death compensation 4227200 yuan, 227472 yuan of funeral expenses, transportation costs 3000 yuan, 3000 yuan accommodation, lost income 28434 yuan.相关的主题文章:

Dong Yong go in the drama on the stage with his son Lin Zhaohua debut – Beijing helmet怎么读

Dong Yong "go" in the drama on the stage with his son Lin Zhaohua debut – Beijing Beijing in October 23 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ying Ni) in Wuzhen has just completed the first round of the drama festival show "doctor Godot or six people for eighteenth camels" by Lin Zhaohua and Lin Xi and his son more directed the movie "the old play on the stage of the bone", "pupil" starring Dong Yong. Although Lin Xiyue told him to play up the mentality of the show, but to complete the stage of the virgin show, Dong Yong admits that drama is difficult to play. Drama "Godot doctor or six people for eighteenth camels" tells the story of a psychiatric hospital in five schizophrenia patients each thought that he was a famous playwright Bernard Shaw, Pirandello, Bly Hitt, Yune J Cu, Beckett, five respectively in the five playwrights of the first person perspective and tone of banter ridicule the other forms of drama, ideas and achievements. In director Lin Zhaohua’s design, it’s a "no drama, no show, no show."". The reason to choose this theme script, the original itself does not have the Xiyue Lin revealed that the drama structure, this book is the father in old age, for a pursuit — stage performance is to let everyone play a play, how comfortable how to play, the actors sit at the desk, holding the script for words. In fact, this seemingly easy way to perform in the rehearsal phase almost let Dong Yong crazy. I just got the script, he did not understand. "One mouth, all nouns, all of which are ‘dramatic conflicts’,’ verbal action ‘,’ realism ‘and the’ absurd’…… I can’t even open my mouth. Later, said the guide, the script does not have to be very skilled, is to read the script, the lines clear, the characters can be expressed. I guess that’s not hard. Director Lin Xiyue said, a month of rehearsal by the script, but also just got the script back to the original state." "I still wonder what appearance, what is the end of it, the middle of what exactly is play make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks ah, crazy, or crazy drama writer, playwright or lunatic all away, according to my understanding of Dong Yong to read the lines, I finally decided what they do not want, so I they are easier. Because I don’t know what my mouth is a primary school, drama." It is this going to "students" mentality, let Dong Yong show surprisingly good state. He and other actors on the stage and the audience interaction make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks awfully, the audience laugh will cause knowing laughter and applause. "The audience’s laughter and applause as I reassured, suddenly at ease." Lin Xiyue believes that the biggest advantage is not acted in drama Dong Yong compared with theatre actor, he is very calm, happy, didn’t pick up, very good. He asked me if he was such a ‘play’, and I said that you had a special ‘play’ that made people feel funny." (end)相关的主题文章: