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The National Day golden week, Guangyuan regional tourism attraction — significantly enhance the travel channel "eleven" National Day holiday this year, Sichuan Province, Guangyuan City, a total of 3 million 219 thousand and 900 tourists trips, an increase of 16%, tourism revenue 1 billion 264 million yuan, an increase of 22.72%. Self driving tour, self-help travel accounted for more than 85% of the total tourists. The average occupancy rate reached 94%. The city did not happen with a travel safety accident and major tourist complaints, to achieve the tourism safety, order, quality, efficiency, the four unified goal. Sichuan Province as a classic case of Sichuan earthquake reconstruction and the first 5A class tourist attractions, during the holidays, Jianmenshudao scenic Jianmen Pass one-way traffic, link traffic, distal, middle control, orderly parking, interval ferry travel measures to ensure smooth completely solve the troubled years of Beijing Kunming (G5) high speed – 108 scenic spots national road congestion bottleneck. Jianmenshudao Jianmen Pass with "5A scenic spot" that attracts tourists from all over the country a gilded signboard flocked to. The attraction of the destination of Guangyuan has been greatly enhanced, and the status of the regional tourism destination has been revealed. This year "eleven" National Day holiday tourism in Guangyuan 1 million 104 thousand passengers were tourists, tourists accounted for 34.29%; rural tourism revenue of 348 million yuan, accounting for the city’s total tourism income of 27.53%, rural tourism on poverty alleviation leading role obviously. Fishing, campfire, picking, barbecue, folk performances, look at the rural wind, the taste of rural goods, such as the taste of rural Jane entertainment attracted a large number of tourists, so that tourists have enough of the "rural addiction". The National Day holiday, Guangyuan County Tourism Department in charge of multi link multi linkage, coordination, and timely disposal of emergencies. Intelligent tourism information services convenient and efficient, smooth, fast scenic real-time information services to ensure that the city’s overall smooth tourism. Before the holiday, the Guangyuan municipal Party committee secretary Faye Wong personally visits Jianmenshudao scenic Jianmen Pass, mayor Zou Zijing personally led the development of scenic holiday to inspect and guide the safety and security work, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee Feng Lei organized the city’s management of tourist attractions and holiday tourism work conference, the deployment of special National Day holiday tourism work, city production brigade office in conjunction with the relevant departments of the city’s tourism related enterprises the holiday travel safety and the reception work inspection. During the national day, the city, county tourism administrative departments and relevant departments 24 hours on duty, timely processing of tourist consultation and complaints, to ensure the orderly operation of scenic spots during the holiday.   click here to watch the video of the best tourist information > Chinese; > (commissioning editor: Li Yawen (Intern), even pure)相关的主题文章:

In response to 15 year old female officials to participate in the work of the Sohu limited comments

In response to "15 year old female officials to participate in the work of" the limited Sohu comments the afternoon of November 11th, entitled "Yunnan Yongshan 80 female officer to be appointed Zheng Keji cadres, 15 years old to work" message widely circulated in the media and social network, users generally questioned the county to be appointed Deputy Secretary of the county Party Organization Department (family) the age of Zhong Yourong. 11 evening, Yongshan county official responded by saying that according to the relevant provisions of the Yunnan Provincial Department of personnel documents, finds Zhong Yourong working time for October 1996. (November 12th according to publicity: bell Yourong, born in April 1981, a university degree, to work in October 1996, the CPC Yongshan county organization department vice minister, be appointed Deputy Minister Yongshan County Organization Department of the CPC (family). 15 years of work, too eye-catching, to let people ", and even fall into a reverie" some "genius of civil servants" link, although the official response that Zhong Yourong to work as the basis for time, netizens suspected Zhong Yourong false age or behind what kind of special relationship. "15 years of age to participate in the work of child abuse is suspected, in accordance with the law?" "Who dares to say her father?" Such comments are not uncommon on the web. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Forum on network security and information technology forum, said: netizens from the people, the people on the network, public opinion on the network." As the appointment of cadres, so people are generally concerned about things, once published on the web is not surprising, causing users onlookers, and netizens always express their opinion, the Internet is no ground for blame, because a social information platform, hundreds of millions of Internet users to obtain information and exchange of information in the above, this is the social fairness and justice a performance. "Where are the masses, our leading cadres are going to go, or how to contact the masses? The party and government organs and leading cadres at all levels to learn through the network to the mass line, often look at the Internet, dive, chat, voice, understand their thoughts to collect good idea good advice, a positive response to the concerns of Internet users, to dispel misunderstanding." It can be said, Yongshan county official in the evening of the publicity of the Internet users to respond to the challenge, but also a way to take the mass line through the network performance, it is worthy of recognition and praise. However, this is not enough, because 15 years of work, and according to corollary 15 year old junior high school graduation, through a series of correspondence university diploma, and "Guan Ju to" tube members, cadres, in charge of personnel organization department deputy minister, this is also too dramatic. According to a 1992 Yunnan Provincial Department of personnel files found Zhong Yourong working hours, after too long, the users are not familiar with this document, and China’s "labor law" since January 1, 1995 to begin implementation, including fifteenth clearly states: "no employer recruits minors under the age of sixteen. Arts, sports and special skill units to recruit minors under the age of sixteen, according to the relevant provisions of the state, carry out examination and approval procedures, and safeguard the right to compulsory education." So this 1992 Yunnan personnel board相关的主题文章:

Sweden two Nobel prize judges dismissed because of academic scandal (video)

Sweden two Nobel prize judges for academic scandal dismissed Ma Chiarini was considered to be the field of artificial tracheal transplantation of top level scientists. In September 7, according to foreign media reported on 7, by Italy surgeon Ma Chiarini (Paolo Macchiarini) of academic fraud scandal, the Swedish Karolinska Institute Nobel prize committee decided to withdraw the judge Wall Berry (Harriet Wallberg) and ham (Anders Hamsten) post kirsten. Waldo Berri and Hamm Sten is not only the decision of members of the Nobel prize in physiology or Medicine Committee, also served as vice president of Karolinska Institute in Sweden post. Berri and Hamm Sten are in the world the Nobel prize committee before the delisting, the Swedish government has lifted all the members of the Committee of management of Karolinska Institute. Dr. Ma Chiarini, a former scientist at the Karolinska Institute in Italy, is considered to be one of the top scientists in the field of artificial tracheal transplantation. However, two patients died of Dr. macchiarini, he was accused of falsifying his resume. Ma Chiarini denies all the charges he has received. Many people think Karolinska Institute is Dr. macchiarini ignore the warning given by these people, including two Nobel prize committee members currently sacked. The incident caused a serious blow to the Swedish Karolinska Institute. Data figure: Nobel Prize Committee announced the 2014 Nobel prize in physiology or medicine. The incident investigation committee issued a report in September 5th, said the event is so rare to ignore warnings. The report also questioned why the first hired Dr. macchiarini, then why has extended his contract. A person in charge of the Nobel Prize Committee at Karolinska Institute, Sweden, said the damage was so severe that the committee decided to ask the two members to resign. In 2010, Dr. Ma Chiarini was employed at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, and after two years, he took part in the world’s first artificial tracheal transplant from a patient’s stem cell. However, a television documentary released by SVT television earlier this year revealed that he was doing an operation in Russia, which is "really alarming."". Later, he lost his job at the Karolinska Institute in sweden. Swedish prosecutors said in June that they are two events in 2011 and 2012 in Sweden hospital has launched criminal investigations of Dr. macchiarini. There are also reports that Dr. macchiarini on their resume fraud. Nobel prize winner Daniel Kahneman: the mystery of experience and memory相关的主题文章:

Artificial intelligence Lenovo’s next journey – Sohu Technology 索尼a350

Artificial intelligence: Lenovo’s next trip – Sohu technology on the evening of November 3rd this year, the news about Lenovo Group is quite frequent: two quarter earnings release, the top three executives airborne…… Make some really too busy to attend to all media. If the news is important, in my opinion, Rui Yong joined from Microsoft Asia Research Institute Lenovo CTO served as senior vice president and is behind the headlines, said the information is self-evident: the technology of large coffee to join indicates that Lenovo is about a bigger story, and it is with Lenovo in the future for the artificial Intelligence — the future of human society is the most important technology, as well as "the next generation of intelligent terminal" expectations are closely related. Before the advent of the interconnection of all things as a matter of fact, in the past thirty years, Lenovo has now market position, is a big reason for strategic layout, the future no matter now expand the business boundary to the field of mobile communication, or force the data center business, it is a product of many years before the layout of the premise. Yang Yuanqing is down to earth if all of Lenovo strategy can be classified into: eating a bowl, watching the pot, with the." This year, Lenovo group organization structure into four parts: personal computer and intelligent mobile equipment group; business group; data center group and Lenovo venture group — the so-called "bowl" nature is the core of the personal computer business; is "the pot" refers to the mobile and data center business, this is new engine Lenovo is built; and is "field work", it seems far away from the harvest period is "equipment + cloud", perhaps this is Lenovo the next ten years to twenty years the most important strategic targets. It is worth mentioning that, in the outline of the association in the future, artificial intelligence and the so-called next generation smart terminal seems to be integrated. Here, of course, not only PC and mobile phones, it will become more complicated. According to authoritative forecasts, intelligent terminal equipment in the world in 2020 will hold 200 billion, behind the cloud services will undoubtedly need to support — if there is no cloud service, all equipment will lose its value. Lenovo seems that the future needs of the user is the perfect combination of equipment + cloud experience, which they must build a more intelligent connection, as well as strategic layout for the future. So obsessed with farming future Lenovo, natural hope before all things Internet era, built in the field of artificial intelligence competence. This requires more top talent to join. Positive feedback through Dr. Rui Yong occupation resume, "technical Montana" label easily visible. Worked at Microsoft for 18 years, the achievements of Dr. Rui yong. Prior to joining Lenovo, he served as executive vice president of Microsoft Asia Research Institute (MSRA), leading a team of key artificial intelligence and Research Institute of all engineering teams. For the first time in the media after the entry of Lenovo’s meeting, Dr. Rui Yong introduced himself: "I am in Microsoft for 18 years, engaged in many different research and development work, including the development of research and development strategy, including basic research, including the technology incubator, including product development." In fact, Dr. Rui Yong holds sixty U.S. and international patents, at the same time the United States Institute of electrical and Electronic Engineers ()相关的主题文章:

Li Jianchao because of the rat was forbidden and the postal market had any sawamatsu work

Li Jianchao was cut into the market and had post Ren sawamatsu working China Economic Net note by rat: Recently, the Commission published on the fund manager before the Post Fund Management Limited Li Jianchao shichangjinru decision, which is following the 2015 verdict jailed after 3 and a half years and fined 17 million and a penalty. But it is easy to ignore is that, in fact, Li Jianchao and now in the post fund star fund manager, as well as a period of cooperation with Ren Zesong. From 2012 to 2013, two people have the common management strategic emerging industries in the post fund, but the outcome is that Li Jianchao was arrested, he was promoted to the new king of sawamatsu". Regulatory penalties overweight "rat" was banned from entering the city, according to the Securities Daily reported, China shichangjinru SFC a day before the release of the written decision, then decided to post a Fund Management Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the Post Fund) fund manager Li Jianchao to take a lifelong shichangjinru. According to reports, in 2010 April to 2011 November, Li Jian Yu core strengths post flexible configuration assistant fund manager, fund manager responsible for assisting the formulation of investment funds and asset allocation of the fund investment strategy and investment operation scheme, etc.; November 11, 2011 to January 22, 2014, served as the post preferred fund manager, is responsible for the fund investment decision stock trading, decision type, time scale, etc.. However, Li Jianchao served during the post preferred fund manager, the use of undisclosed information for other duties to facilitate access to the outside to inside information, the use of the control of the "hole" and "kongmou as" "Feng Moubin" "tube Tao" and other securities account, before the post preferred fund 1 trading days to 5 the trading day, synchronous or slightly later than 1 days to 2 days to buy and sell and post core preferred stock investment fund the same convergence, the cumulative transaction amount of 914 million 700 thousand yuan, the cumulative convergence of trading profits 16 million 828 thousand yuan. In October 29, 2015, Shandong Province, Qingdao City Intermediate People’s Court of first instance verdict, the case of Li Jianchao during the acts constitute "People’s Republic of China criminal law" 180th article first, the provisions of the four paragraph of the use of undisclosed information trading charges, Li Jianchao sentenced to life imprisonment in three years and six months, fined 17 million yuan. The parties appealed against the judgment of first instance. In April 15, 2016, the Shandong Provincial Higher People’s Court issued the "criminal" ruling, rejected the appeal and upheld the original verdict. According to the fact that the parties illegal, nature, circumstances and the degree of social harm, according to the "fund" and "regulations prohibiting securities market regulations, the Commission decided to take lifelong shichangjinru Li Jianchao, since the Commission announced the date of decision, he may not engage in securities business or as a listed company directors, supervisors and senior management staff duties. From November 11, 2011, Li Jianchao was officially appointed as the post core preferred stock fund manager, the fund performance has been flat, until the departure of Li Jianchao, the fund’s total return was -6.91%, ranked 246 in the 281 funds in the same. "Rat" calendar built over and served as a side by side, according to China daily.相关的主题文章: