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Business As a leading innovator within the packaging industry, Fix-a-Form International is frequently asked the question Whats new this year? and What are the latest packaging innovations for 2012? More than just a buzz-word, innovations within the packaging industry bring about improvements, help to reduce costs, protect brand integrity and assist in achieving regulatory approvals. Much of the work produced across the licensee network is unique in itself as it is tailored towards the clients needs. However, here are five key trends to look out for in 2012 across the packaging industry. 1. Braille labelling Since the European Directive came into place (2004/24/CE) in 2006, all new pharmaceutical packaging must include Braille. Leaflet labels may be supplied with Braille printed either on the laminate or on the paper leaflet material allowing your product to .ply with legislative demand. 2. Anti-counterfeit labelling Counterfeiting is a threat to all industries no matter where you are situated. Counterfeit products not only weaken the integrity of the brand but also undermine the safety of the general public whilst having a considerable effect on the economy. At worst, counterfeit products can cause illnesses, side effects or even fatalities. There are a range of anti-counterfeit options that may be incorporated into your packaging, labels and leaflet labels available including covert printing techniques as well as more simple yet effective methods such as holograms. 3. Single pack multi-market labelling and packaging Cost reduction is the ultimate target for many brand-owners and manufacturers. However, care must be taken to ensure this does not .promise the final product. Reducing font size is not the option and often multi-lingual information must be added somewhere within the confines of a single ply self-adhesive label. Multi-page labels offer additional space where space is often limited. How about an additional 4, 6, 8 or even 48+ pages for all your user-instruction, indications, contra-indications or even promotional and cross-promotional messages! 4. Unique random numbering/ serial codes and QR codes Unique random numbering can be used in a variety of applications. From SMS text-to-win codes to serial numbers, batch numbers and lot numbers on Pharmaceutical, over-the counter medicines or even on clinical trial products. There is increasing demand for unique information printed onto products and packaging. With the increase in technology these days also the use of QR codes in conjunction with smart phones is fast .monplace on a whole variety of packaged products as well as printed media. 5. Auto-application whilst not a new innovation, multi-page labels may be applied in the same manner as standard self-adhesive labels. As they are supplied on reels they can be applied using standard label application equipment with little or no effect on line-speeds. Increasing productivity is a vital element in cost-saving, especially in when margins are tight. For more information on how your products and brands can be enhanced, contact Fix-a-Form International, leaders in in on-pack solutions and leaflet labelsolutions About the Author: 相关的主题文章: