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Womens-Issues Although male yeast infection is not as popular as women’s yeast infection, it does happen. If caught in its early stages, this infection can definitely be cured but the problem is men are often not aware that they have the symptoms. If you have intestinal problems like abnormal bowel movements or flatulence it is advisable that you consult a doctor about it. Men are prone to yeast infections just like women most especially if you are a beer drinker, taking antibiotics, love sweet foods and have a poor immune system. Other symptoms of yeast infection include exhaustion, mood swings and memory loss. Yeast infection also appears on the skin especially on the male organ or places in the body where it is warm and moist. The more popular medications for male yeast infection are Nystatin and the Azole drugs – ketoconazole, fluconazole and itraconazole. Nystatin, though a popular drug, its effectivity is quite questionable. It is not fully absorbed into the body so it has fewer side effects. As for the Azole drugs, which are more effective in the elimination of yeast infection, may cause liver damage in more severe cases. The eBook Yeast Infection No More Linda Allen being the author suggests that if you are .fortable with natural treatments then might as well try the re.mended herbal treatments available. A lot of people advocate natural remedies because they are easily absorbed in the blood stream and can create more damage to fungi causing chronic and systemic cases. Natural remedies also supplement the body’s natural immunity which helps in regenerating good bacteria in the body. The natural remedies for yeast infection are: Candidate, Kandidaplex, Coconut oil, cinnamon, wild Mediterranean Oregano Oil and Candidly. A good diet plan is also another natural remedy for yeast infection. It restricts you from too much intake of sugar and yeast. This diet re.mends you not to drink fruit juices or eat fruits with the exception of fruits with minimal sugar content like green apples, berries, lemons, etc. You are discouraged from eating breaded meat products, egg substitutes, margarine and butter substitutes. You are allowed low fat yogurt, cream cheese, unsweetened cream and butter. You should avoid grains, pasta products, pickles, salad dressings and other associated foods. Avoid coffee, tea, sodas and beer. Drink lots of clean water. Finally, Yeast infection no more Linda Allen says that the best way to prevent yeast infection is to live a healthy lifestyle. Eating more .anic food helps improve your chances in preventing yeast infections or any sort of disease. Have plenty of rest and relaxation whichever way you can. A healthy body empowers your immune system which makes you stronger against yeast infections. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: