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Business Online business to business directory brings you a host of beautiful handicrafts and products made by talented craftsmen and artisans. These craftsmen are found in plenty in Indian small and cottage industries. It is these small scale industries which play a vital role in the economic progress of the country. The same was promoted by Indian government as it has a greater potential for employment generation. It played a pivotal role in industrial decentralisation and industrial expansion in villages too. With this, there was better distribution of wealth too. Business directories promoted products manufactured by these talented craftsmen and thus encouraged entrepreneur talent. Handloom, khadi, handicrafts, sericulture, coir, bell metal and village industry products are popular among foreigners. To make it easier for them to access Indian craftsmens products business to business directories have been found in plenty online. Popular items found online are hand-woven shawls, stoles, bed spreads, beautifully embroidered table cloth, woollen items, kanjeevaram sarees. They also include other items like hosiery products, garments, leather products, fishing hook, engineering products which are now found in modern small scale set up. These artisans are also renowned world wide for their textile handicrafts, stone carving, wooden carving, metal ware etc. Their products are not only beautiful but also guarantee quality unlike machine made items which have manufacture problems. Items like rubber products, plastic products, chemical products, glass and ceramic items are produced in small scale set up. Of late, artisans are also working on certain electronic items, electronic components and equipments, mechanical engineering items, transport equipment, hardware, automobile parts, sports goods, bicycle parts, instruments, watches and other stationery items. Although, small scale industrial factories are concentrated more in villages they are also present in urban areas and usually they account for the maximum volume of production for that particular good in the country. Government of India is trying to promote such sectors as they have generated employment for many and are quite beneficial in villages. Hence they have taken the following steps in order to: To encourage decentralized industrial expansion To develop this small scale sector as a major source of employment To mobilize capital investment and entrepreneurship skills To ensure equitable distribution of income. Find your prospective buyers and sellers because it acts as a one stop shop destination for them. Besides getting the comprehensive list of importers and exporters, they also offer value added services to facilitate end to end business interactions between the international trading community. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: