Old two sued the three biological son said to be shut out of the three-ratatouille

The two old people sue three son said was three from the original title: one cannot enter into the old two times JINGWAH sued three pro son (reporter Zheng Yujia) although there are 3 sons, but over eighty years old two even yang to go into the house. In order to be able to live in the old two son, 3 son to court. Yesterday morning, reporters learned that the Shunyi court has accepted the case, the case is under trial. Yang and Meng two old mouth has been over eighty years, has a son of 3. The old two prosecution said that the 3 sons locked the door, refused to check in. Old two sued to the rotation of the 3 sons in the house, each living for 3 months. For the old parents’ request, son submitted written reply to the court, said in early December 5, 1986 by the father presided over the separation, making the distribution and placement of clear life problems of parents, parents in housing and pension issues, parents and other children in conflict has nothing to do with me". The two son argued that he is now living in the house is built, without any formalities, can not accommodate the parents live together. The parents have their own homestead in 2010, his father had also spent 40 thousand yuan renovation of the homestead house. Now the house has all the rental, "parents should live in the house renovation, my parents from home no more than 50 meters, can take care of their parents". Three son also said that parents have their own house, not a room to live. If you want to live together, let the love and intensification of family conflicts exacerbated asthma. Three the son said, the separation of 20 years ago, because they did not meet the requirements of his father and brother, so angered his father and brother. Big brother repeatedly think three sister’s disease is incurable, so old and divorced, father and mother also let him divorce. The three son also said that parents with big brother want to tear down to his old house, and therefore he abducted with black society, said to pull him to the field alive. This small son also grudges, unwilling to let their parents into the house. Currently, the case is still under trial. Editor: Wang Haocheng相关的主题文章: