Old Nanjing farmers with a rope tied outside the Deep-Fried Dough Sticks pick home-neogeo.zip

Old Nanjing: farmers with a rope tied outside the Deep-Fried Dough Sticks "pick" home autumn after eating Deep-Fried Dough Sticks significantly more people up. Are now using plastic bags had no time to buy Deep-Fried Dough Sticks, plastic bags, we mostly used to buy Deep-Fried Dough Sticks bamboo chopsticks wear. Now you can see that some people dislike plastic bags, buy deep fried dough sticks or use chopsticks. See them, I am reminded of earlier, with a rope tied to the farmers outside the Deep-Fried Dough Sticks case. In 50s and 60s, my family lives in the East, the Museum (school) in the eight House West Tong, school to go through the bridge. At that time in a convenient transportation, commerce developed "commercial street", but also a dynamic and exchange of goods. Early in the morning, or many (many) from Wuding Tongji door, door and door Guanghua farmers shoulder the burden of the dishes, to sell freshly picked vegetables. Fishermen from the Qinhuai River rowed ashore and squatted in front of their small barrels to peddle big fish. Some migrant farmers selling vegetables because the vegetables sold out early, plus the price sold well, earn money, a happy heart, turned into a breakfast shop to buy a few root Deep-Fried Dough Sticks with straw, tying a rope, hanging on the pole of high head (above) a "pick" home, home for the Wanderers greedy (craving) play. There were no plastic bags in that year, and straw ropes were the most commonly used packing materials. Farmers, whether they sell vegetables, celery, or leeks, cowpea, are bundled into a bundle of straw, to the customer carrying home. Selling fish, but also with straw, someone came to buy fish, with a few straw from the gills to the fish mouth, wear a knot, to the hands of buyers, you can carry away. Chen Guangxin

老南京:城外农民用草绳拴油条“挑”回家   秋凉以后,吃油条的人明显多起来了。现在买油条都是用塑料袋装,老早没得塑料袋的时候,我们上街买油条多数都是用竹筷子穿。现在也能看到有的人,嫌塑料袋不健康,买油条还是用筷子穿。   看到他们,我就想起更早的时候,城外农民用草绳拴油条的情形。   上世纪五六十年代,我家住在大中桥东边,进馆(上学)在桥西八府塘,上学放学都要经过大中桥。那会儿大中桥是一处交通便捷、商贸发达的“商业街”,也是一处城乡物资交流的活跃地。   每天大清早,歹多(很多)来自通济门、武定门和光华门外的农民,肩挑装菜的担子,来到这块出售刚采摘的新鲜蔬菜。   从秦淮河划船过来的渔民们从这块上岸,蹲在自己的大桶小盆跟前叫卖捕来的大鱼小虾。   一些进城卖菜的农民因为早早把菜卖完,加上价格卖得好,赚到了钱,心里头一高兴,转身就到早点店买上几根油条,用稻草绳子一拴,挂在扁担高头(上面)一路“挑”回家,给家里的娃儿们打打馋(解馋)。   那个年头没得(没有)塑料袋子,稻草绳是最常用的包装捆扎材料。农民不管是卖青菜、芹菜,还是大葱、豇豆,都是用稻草扎成一捆一捆的,给顾客拎着回家。   卖鱼的身边也备有稻草,有人来买鱼,用几根稻草从鱼鳃那边往鱼嘴里一穿,打个结,交到买家手里,就可以拎着走了。 陈光新相关的主题文章: