No More Night Duty For Health Care

Careers-Employment Graveyard shifts, weekends and holidays were once normally part of the health care worker’s regular schedule. Times are different now. Because of the increased demand for health care professionals, employers now must offer more work flexibility. Employers feel the pinch and are now more willing to consider worker’s needs and requests for flexible schedules. The Dean of Science and Health Careers at a local college said, that in health care, one can determine one’s own working hours. Beginners may be stuck with ‘dirty’ jobs, and demand is so high that some are limited to working weekends. The following are examples of flexible health care professions. The dean of the college of education and health services of a local university said that pharmacy, with high hourly wages, is ideal for the working mother. It then follows that more than fifty percent of pharmacists are women. Lately, the demand for pharmacists has grown. With pharmacies, most of them open 24 hours, mushrooming throughout the land, and each needing at least one pharmacist, employees are free to dictate their own hours. The Dean cited flexibility and excellent pay as two reasons why pharmacy is a great area. In the field of health information technology, health information technologists are experts in taking the services a doctor provides, and putting it into four or five digit codes, which are then submitted to Medicare or insurance .panies. Two tracks available to students are the one semester certificate and the two year degree. This way, people of all different backgrounds and life settings are ac.modated. Some creative individuals hire their services out to medical offices and are able to work from home. One can also go into the field of medical transcription. Besides that, there is also medical transcription. This work consists mainly of typing doctor’s reports. The dean of biological and health sciences at a college in Lake County notifies students who want flexible jobs to take medical transcription. You even learn a great deal about diagnosis and treatment. These jobs can be flexible. Medical transcriptionists are offered countless part time jobs. Students under the dental hygiene program at the College of Lake County are given the opportunity to take on new recruits of the nearby naval base as clients. Upon successful .pletion of this program, they are privileged with one of the highest entry level salaries and the most flexible hours of any health care profession. Though there aren’t many full time positions in dental hygiene, they are very flexible. It is a strong point for people who want to work part time and stay home with kids. Right after graduation, these professionals take home up to $30/hour and are thus some of the most highly paid professionals in America. Be that as it may, these part time jobs do not .e with benefits or health insurance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: