Ningbo a wonderful aunt supermarket after buying meat to eat the remaining fat required return-jinshen

Ningbo is a wonderful aunt after the flesh has left the supermarket to buy meat for return to buy a pork stomach after eating, left to eat fat, Aunt Wang Ningbo Yinzhou Dong bridge (a pseudonym) and want to return to the supermarket, "so many people want to eat no fat, I want to return!" In October 30th, two in the afternoon, the hole Bridge police station received such a dumbfounding alarm, police said: sand harbor village trust mart, a man carrying leftover meat, request a return. Dong Qiao police alarm, rushed to the trust Mart supermarket, found a forty or fifty year old middle-aged women are supermarkets selling pork counters and the salesman theory. When the police arrived at the scene, middle-aged woman Aunt Wang also shouted, tough must return the hands of meat. Police learned that the original Aunt Wang bought from the supermarket is a price to buy the pork stomach, she is about 40 yuan, which belongs to the normal price of pork stomach. After buying a home, Aunt Wang ate pork stomach fine, eat the rest of the supermarket for return back fat. Trust Mart supermarket boss "sad" and "a police said: even the whole pork stomach, eat meat, fat for the return, my business is too difficult to do." Police also found the reason for return Aunt Wang far fetched, and she repeatedly explained: "the sale is voluntary, supermarket meat are placed on the counter, then if you choose this means of pork stomach, its surrounding fat is also recognized. Not to eat pork stomach fat, don’t ask the supermarket to redeem. It’s like you bought a pork chop, ate the meat from the spareribs, and asked to return the bone to the merchant! This is justified." In a lot of police persuasion, Aunt Wang also seems to know she is wrong, he took the hands of the fat left.

宁波一奇葩大妈超市买肉 吃完后剩下肥肉要求退货   买了一个猪肚,吃完之后剩下没人吃的肥肉,宁波鄞州洞桥的王大妈(化名)又想退还给超市,“这么多肥肉根本没人要吃,我要退货!”   10月30日下午两点多,洞桥派出所接到了这么一个让人哭笑不得的警情,报警人称:沙港村的好又多超市,有人拿着吃剩下的肉,要求退货。   洞桥所民警接警后,第一时间赶到好又多超市,发现一名四五十岁的中年妇女正在超市卖猪肉的柜台和售货员理论。   民警到场的时候,中年妇女王大妈还在大声嚷嚷着,强硬地一定要退掉手里的肉。民警了解到,原本王大妈从超市买走的是一个猪肚,她买走的那个价格约40元,属于正常的猪肚价格。而买回家之后,王大妈一家吃掉了猪肚精的部分,把吃剩下的肥肉拿回超市要求退货。   好又多超市的老板“忧伤”地和民警说:“退一整个猪肚也就算了,把精肉吃了,肥肉要求退货,我这生意也真是太难做了。”民警也觉得王大妈的退货理由有点牵强,再三和她解释说:“买卖是自愿的,超市肉品都是摆在柜台上的,当时你既然选择了这个猪肚,也就意味着对它周围的肥肉也是认可的。不能把猪肚吃了,不要的肥肉再要求超市来赎回。就好比你买了块猪排骨,把排骨上的肉都吃了,然后再要求把骨头退回给商家吧!这也太说不过去了。”   在民警的一番劝说下,王大妈似乎也知道了自己理亏,就拿着手中的肥肉离开了。相关的主题文章: