Nikon D7000 – How Good Is It-66814

Photography The people at Nikon are out to satisfy their photography fan base. They have recently released the Nikon D7000 mid-level digital SLR , and users are praising it with gusto. What’s more is that it has quickly climbed into the "Top 10 Digital SLR Camera List – by Popularity". This is a non-sanctioned list .piled by yours truly that measures the user satisfaction of a digital slr camera based only on user .ments and star rating. The Nikon D7000 has only been out a couple of months and it already has enough votes to be considered for inclusion on the list. It is the youngest camera on that list. Other cameras like the Canon 60D, Panasonic G2, and Sony Alpha do not yet qualify because they don’t have enough support in the user .ments section at Amazon. Some of the things that are exciting users about this new release are quite innovative in that they are new to digital cameras. For instance, Nikon has streamlined the user interface to make it easier to get to some of the controls. One such feature is the ability to set the flash mode simply by popping up the built-in flash and moving the control wheel. Another thing that has photographers excited is that they can set up some parameters and save the setup for use over and over instead of having to visit each setting. But the major praise so far, without a doubt, has been the low light image quality. Typically, high ISO settings lend themselves to high image noise levels. Engineers have apparently found a way to get excellent image quality at ISO settings as high as 6400. This one advantage was mentioned time and time again. There are plenty of other things being praised about the Nikon D7000. You should check out the user .ments at the online stores to see what folks are saying. It may impact your decision about your next digital slr camera. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: