New York Chinese people were sentenced to death under the jurisdiction of the court sentenced to 18 yvette yates

New York Chinese is pushed down the death suspects convicted and sentenced to 18 years – Beijing Chinese overseas network on 11 November, according to the U.S. Chinese network reported suspected New York in 2014 will be 61 year old Chinese man Guo Weiquan pushed down the lead to the death of African American suspect Kevin Darden local time on November 10th, was sentenced to 18 years in prison. According to ABC reported earlier, Darden has been arrested at least at least 30. In November 16, 2014, a station of New York D line subway train into the Bronx, 61 year old Chinese man Guo Weiquan was a strange man pushed under the platform, the train was hit when rolling death, Guo’s wife died on the side watching her husband, and the train driver to meet the families of victims to apologize for his failure to timely parking remorse. The next day, the identity of the suspect was disclosed. The suspect named Darden (Kevin Darden), is a parolee, was convicted of robbery, affray, drug abuse and other acts were arrested more than 30 times, in November 9th he was arrested by the police for theft. It is reported that the suspect in the case after the bus ride fled the scene, and get off after a few blocks. After the suspect went straight to a grocery store to buy cigarettes, came out and began to smoke, witnesses said: "he seems very calm, very relaxed, but perhaps that is why he bought cigarettes – relax. In that month, Darden pushed Guo Weiquan down the platform before making another case, he was in New York Metro Line 4 167 Station Street robbery. In the station staff call 911, and to the police that he and Guo Weiquan pushed the same person.相关的主题文章: