New song preparing for Zhang Ziyi to the guitar signature with the students of the school, Zhan Pany-4000dy

"New song" preparing for Zhang Ziyi’s signature to the guitar with the students to participate in the war rock climbing tonight, "China’s new song" finals will be held at the Beijing National Stadium "bird’s nest", held on the eve of the World War II, the National Stadium, the "bird’s nest" in the National Stadium on. Yang, Wang Chenrui, Jiang Dunhao,, and the United States and the United States will be the impact of the championship to the impact of the. In order to obtain the "bird’s nest" laurel ", the instructors have resorted to the trick. After the show of affection, Wang Feng a member of singing training guidance, acrophobic Na Ying lead the students climbing morale, in order to win, all instructors are to fight. Zhang Ziyi: Wang Feng signature guitar student netizens couple love witness of "new song" Youku China war imminent, the team also came to the stage of wildly beating gongs and drums. After Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi before the rehearsal to feed a mouth out of understanding the audience after Zhang Ziyi No. 5 dog, came to visit in Jiang Dunhao’s guitar signed her name, as everyone knows, before Jiang Dunhao guitar has been Wang Feng’s signature, the Zhang Ziyi plus the signature Jiang Dunhao guitars are users consistent selection "the strongest love witness!" War struck, has always been careful and meticulous teacher Wang Feng famous for their own requirements are also on a higher level. For every intonation, every emotion processing students, Wang Feng teachers will have the guidance of their. Jiang Dunhao singing in the river, when a sentence to correct its encouragement to sing, "here to grasp the quasi", "here to stay." After the rehearsal, he even sat on the mixer himself and began to work as a tuner. The little finger is injured, do not hold tight the microphone Xu Geyang also received Wang Feng’s careful guidance, several times in the rehearsal master under the guidance of more smoothly, performance is the color. Na Ying Na Ying led the students to play rock climbing heights, overcome the stress relaxed compared to the Wang Feng group Na Ying group is tense, rehearsal was a lot easier. For his two favorite, Na Ying is more relaxed and confident, wearing sunglasses in the audience listening to music is nodded. The relaxed atmosphere like this cannot do without Na Ying’s well intentioned". Before the game, Na Ying deliberately took Li Peiling and Wang Chenrui played rock climbing, with their own particular way to extract two to cheer. In the warm-up and basic teaching simple, mentoring three challenge myself together. Once played bungee jumping after coach Wang Chenrui led the way, a guide, a direct challenge to the highest degree of difficulty of the slope is 4 meters. Quick action and let the shadow sister could not help but applaud this southern girl. However, the seemingly simple climbing for acrophobic Li Peiling is not so easy, just started teaching simple, lying on the wall she had just one meter off the ground will not move: "I feel I can’t get down." In order to encourage students, mild acrophobic teacher Na Ying also personally go into battle, constantly encouraged her to accompany and disciple: "you don’t beat yourself down, thinking to climb on the line", "rest assured, the coach protects you, under the mat is very soft". For their favorite performance, Na Ying very satisfied with the teacher and asked two people: "we are now in the 80000 nest, you still afraid of?" Two people by common consent is also given to the confident answer: "not afraid!" I believe in the bird’s nest in the decisive battle, they can go forward to challenge themselves! According to the.相关的主题文章: