New high speed entered the bidding stage, to start construction within 3 years-rosstallanma

The new high-speed Changyi to enter the bidding stage to start the year 3 years to build new Hunan client 9 17 April news (reporter Xiao Yanggui) Changyi expressway "every section will be blocked, the situation is expected to be resolved. Recently, Changsha to Yiyang G5513 Expressway Expansion Project (hereinafter referred to as the "new Changyi expressway") into the civil engineering project construction bidding stage, it is a nearly parallel to the G5513 Changsha Yiyang Expressway highway, plans to start construction this year, completed in 3 years. According to the Hunan Provincial Expressway Construction and Development Corporation recently issued new Changyi expressway project construction bidding announcement, the new Changyi expressway is located in Changsha Wangcheng District, Ningxiang county and Yiyang city in Heshan District, Changsha Beltway northwest section, Wangcheng District, Ningxiang County Changsha way, Yiyang Heshan District, fountain Jiaohe town so, the docking Yiyang beltway. The new high speed Yima Changyi, together with Ma An, an officer of highway, will form a new channel of Xiangxi area connecting changzhutan. The main line adopts two-way six lane highway standard construction, the total length is 50.284 kilometers, the design speed is 120 kilometers per hour, and the roadbed width is 33.5 meters. The contents of the building, in addition to road construction, but also relates to 35 main bridges (including the design of main bridge), which bridge has 5, bridge 24, bridge 6, a 815 meter long tunnel, bridge 7, service area 1. The notice requires the bidder to submit the relevant qualification materials from September 14th to 21 September to the company, submit the bidding documents to the relevant units in October 13th before 9:30.

新长益高速进入招投标阶段 拟年内开工3年建成   新湖南客户端9月17日讯(记者 肖洋桂)长益高速“逢节必堵”的状况有望得到解决。近日,G5513长沙至益阳高速公路扩容工程(以下简称“新长益高速”)项目土建工程进入施工招标阶段,这是一条与G5513长沙至益阳高速公路几乎平行的高速公路,拟年内开工建设,3年建成。   根据湖南省高速公路建设开发总公司近日发布的新长益高速项目土建工程施工招标公告,新长益高速公路位于长沙市望城区、宁乡县和益阳市赫山区境内,起于长沙绕城高速西北段,途径长沙望城 区、宁乡县、益阳赫山区,过泉交河镇等,对接益阳绕城高速。新长益高速连同益马、马安、官安等高速公路,将形成湘西片区连接长株潭的一条新通道。主线采用双向六车道高速公路公路标准建设,全长50.284公里,设计速度为120公里 小时,路基宽度33.5米。建设内容,除道路施工外,还涉及35座主线桥梁(含互通主线桥),其中特大桥有5座,大桥24座,中桥6座,有一处815米长隧道,天桥7 座,服务区1处。   该公告要求投标人于9月14日至9月21日向有关公司递交相关资质材料,10月13日9点30分之前向有关单位递交投标文件。相关的主题文章: