National pseudo base station can be real-time monitoring accuracy of 50

The pseudo base station can be real-time monitoring accuracy of 50 meters within the original title: the pseudo base station can be real-time monitoring accuracy within 50 meters of the Beijing News News (reporter Li Dandan) in recent years, through the pseudo base send SMS fraud behavior seriously harm citizen’s property safety. The reporter was informed today at the third session of the network security Expo, currently the country’s 31 provincial public security department has used the "pseudo base station monitoring platform, to achieve real-time monitoring of the pseudo base station, accuracy of 50 meters. September 19th, as one of the key activities of the national network security awareness week in, the network security Expo opened in Wuhan International Expo center. At the scene, a number of companies demonstrate the use of large data to assist the public security departments to combat and capture the technical achievements of the pseudo base station. Pseudo base station released harmful fishing information + mobile phone Trojan has been threatening the financial security of the Internet in the disaster area, high profits and serious harm to personal information of citizens and property safety, but also on the bank, the Internet financial risk control business has become a great challenge. In the third network security Expo, ant Gold Service Vice President Lu Jiexun introduced, the Ministry of Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation and ant gold service group to develop the "pseudo base station monitoring platform" last month in the public security organs across the country and put into use, can be real-time monitoring of the pseudo base station on a map, and can accurately 50 meters to the location. The payment service vice president Lu Jiexun said, this platform is based on ant gold suit, Ali shield money for technology and data base, identified by harmful fishing links to the pseudo base station transmits, and through the analysis of the source of infection depicted a set of pseudo base station track pseudo base station monitoring display system, can achieve the 50 pseudo base station precise positioning meters. In addition, this system can according to the data analysis and prediction of pseudo base station track, provincial and municipal map page and click on the right column of any fishing links, can show the pseudo base station trajectory prediction, every half hour, marking a time node, this time activities according to the situation analysis of pseudo base station. Lu Jiexun: we have been working with the public security organs for many years, has a certain case library. Because of the bad molecular whereabouts are auditable, put these features together, according to the data analysis on time, can spell out a nationwide distribution of the pseudo base map, you can always tell you where there is now Chinese pseudo base, and information at any time synchronization to the public security organs in the provinces, let them fight." It is reported that this system began trial operation in March, from August 12th officially in the national public security system. During the test run, the public security organs through the use of big data, formed a set of effective technical tactics to combat pseudo base station management, have been hit in Zhejiang, Jilin, Shandong, Hainan, Fujian, Hunan, Guangdong, Heilongjiang, Anhui and other 9 provinces, the joint public security pseudo base station involved in gangs 14, were arrested 21 suspects. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: