Myths And Concerns About Cloud .puting Revealed What Every Business Owner Should Know-alienware m17x

UnCategorized There is a .mon misconception with cloud .puting-information that is accessible through the Internet is susceptible to being .promised by virtue of being associated with remote accessibility. Many people wrongly believe it is easy to steal information that is remotely hosted. However, the real issues behind cloud .puting security are much more .plex. Information management by a reliable firm is typically more secure than many in-house implementations. For example, with data center colocation, a .pany can have a specialized IT firm handle their technology needs rather than trying to stretch their own resources to cover a non-core business area. Every business owner should know about the real security issues surrounding cloud .puting. Let’s take a look at what makes this technology safe and how clients and providers can make it safer. A Legal Precedent A good way to understand the reliability of cloud .puting is to examine who is using it. The legal industry has adopted cloud .puting and other managed IT services like data center colocation for their own information needs. Legal firms are usually quite conservative in their technology use due to government regulation and legal status dealing with data archival and record retention. Cloud .puting solutions, like secure email archiving, disaster recovery, and data center colocation have proven themselves reliable enough to meet strict regulations concerning data accessibility and security. Auditing Cloud .puting Security One of the main reasons that the legal industry utilizes cloud .puting is its proven track record of security verified through extensive auditing. Any business owner that is looking to utilize these services should find a provider that has passed industry standard security and control audits. The standard for information services auditing is the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Statement on Auditing Standards number 70, otherwise known as the SAS70. This auditing procedure is the standard for cloud .puting and data center colocation services that ensures the reliability and organization of the provider. SAS70 specifically targets organizational controls, application development and maintenance controls, logical security and access controls, system maintenance controls, data processing controls, and business continuity controls. This .prehensive approach represents a service organization’s ability to meet industry best practice standards and .pliance regulations. A well organized, secure, and transparent data management provider will have recent and routine auditing; make sure to check a potential .pany’s credentials. Secure Services – Data Center Colocation Many of the concerns and myths surrounding security issues stem from problems associated with services like Google Docs. These free, one-size-fits-all services can oftentimes sacrifice security for convenience, as seen by their massive user base and popularity. Their success is based on creating an easy template for cloud .puting. Business owners that are looking to utilize cloud .puting services should be working with specialized firms that offer tailored solutions to maximize security rather than popularity. An ideal example is date center colocation. This service provides hosting for a customer’s IT resources. Information resources are managed and housed by an IT firm that is able to provide the latest in technology and security practices through dedicated staff. Business owners can have the benefits of a fully staffed and highly trained IT department without having to divert resources away from their business plans. To find secure data center colocation, there are a few points to consider. It is best to find a provider that will use single hosting locations for an individual client. Rather than having information and hardware spread out over an entire country or even multiple countries, the IT firm should have dedicated data center colocation facilities. Check to make sure these facilities have multiple layers of protection and safeguards against data loss from both malicious users and natural disasters. Power management and climate control are essential; a power loss prevents data accessibility and a failed cooling system can result in damaged or destroyed hardware. Many of these specific items are covered through internal control audits. The best method for verifying a .pany’s practices is to check up on their audit history. Don’t be overly concerned with the free services provided by mega .panies. The reality behind the security myths is that cloud .puting and IT service firms are providing unique and tailored solutions for their clients that focus on security and reliability. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: