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Health I can understand why it may be hard for people who are in .petitive sports like football and baseball to feel like they have to use certain drugs that will make them achieve muscle gain much faster then what the body can naturally handle. The problem is that too many young people try to take on this same attitude like if they dont use these drugs then they will not have the same .petitive advantages the other athletes may have. This is extremely dangerous and could end up costing you more than what you realize. I have found some good ways you can build muscle slowly but safely so that you dont put too much strain on your body and end up hurting yourself. Eating a lot of protein: If you workout you can get muscle gain safely by taking a lot of protein. There are products on the market designed to help you gain muscle over a certain period of time as long as you keep working out. Creatine has been said to be one of the safest protein supplements there is, especially for young people. Do steady workouts and dont burn yourself out. Supplements like creatine are not made for you to recover fast from your workouts; they are made to simply feed your body the protein it needs to help you build muscle from your own natural efforts. You still have to allow your body a chance to recover if you want to see results. You will have some people tell you that you should workout even when you are very sore, this is the wrong advice and will not allow your body a chance to recover. Hit the weights hard then recover for a day: Your muscles have to be worked out fully in order for you to gain muscle. If you workout everyday you will not give your muscles a chance to build. What you want to do is hit the weights hard and then take a day away from them. You should see results in no time with this. If you are younger and still in school you may feel more pressure to pack on the pounds faster, but do not do this. Your body cannot gain muscle that fast otherwise you will make them vulnerable to tears. Muscle gain is attainable but must be done the right way to prevent injury to yourself. Measure your strength: When you start to get stronger you should be gaining muscle, if you are not gaining muscle then you are not doing something right. Are you getting proper protein? Are you giving your muscles a chance to recover? Monitor how much weight you were able to lift when you first started versus how much you can lift now, if you can lift more then you have improved, if you have not gained an ounce of muscle then you need to make adjustments. Whatever you do; do not resort to using muscle building drugs that are unsafe for you. These drugs can have all types of long term side affects and could make your muscles vulnerable to injury because they are growing too fast. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: