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Before the Mid Autumn Festival to visit "four winds" discipline so dry – Beijing in August 30th seven in the evening, to arrange the County Commission for discipline, "go to the party and government oversight of ventricular tachycardia." To found the party political oversight colleagues and a group of uniformed law enforcement officers in the party and government oversight room director to see me in the Tang Dynasty, said: "the Propaganda Department of the comrades here, now we produce communication tools, I set the task." The atmosphere suddenly tense up, we have to turn off the phone, put on the table. "The Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, in order to prevent" four winds "rebound, today the County Commission for Discipline Inspection Joint Industry and commerce, taxation, public security, unannounced visits to our county’s dining with me as the Fangzu leader, the key is to view hidden without official club entry, starting immediately!" "Go to the restaurant, to see if there is no eating situation." Push the door, we showed the work permit, at the start of the upstairs room check one by one, no one. Out of the door, I said to the group leader: "I thought there was’ harvest ‘, I did not expect, or rushed to an empty." Group leader is common: "supervision is like this, check the ten places, may not find a, but we can not because it can not check ah." Went straight to the next place. On the road, the team leader said, we go to the urban and rural areas to see if there is no movement in the farmhouse." To the farmhouse, business is very good, there are several tables at dinner, we had come to the boss, the investigation found no public officer. On the way back to the county seat, as has been unable to "zero breakthrough", the mood is somewhat depressed, the head said: "the ‘four winds’ problem is called" wind ", because the wind will, can we stop by, often grasping, long grasping, let the bad mood long time did not look up, so now slowly still, this is a good thing." "Let’s go to the upscale hotel to see if there is no illegal reception of public funds." It is suggested that. So, we have checked the non-stop, more than and 10 restaurants, not only to see is to eat, but also let the front desk will be half a month since the bill out, found a suspected public funds bill, a suspected private bus, also found three suspected covert catering field. Blink of an eye to the ten points, team leader to make a summary of the unannounced visits, "with" four wind variation "problem, form become more subtle, ‘waiting’ is that one no matter, we should change the strategy of a mobile camera, ‘wind’ and smell, make supervision flow." Unannounced visits, party political oversight colleagues did not go home, they returned to the office, will make unannounced visits to organize, prepare for further verification work. We are ready to put out a photo layout, through the "clean Qixian County" chief WeChat, give the county Party members and cadres to knock the alarm. If." Through this unannounced visits, I also made some thinking. Over the past three years, with the Commission for Discipline Inspection at all levels of a node in a node to strike the four winds problem really great convergence, but is far from extinct point, and even some problems still put on a cloak". As the supervision and discipline)相关的主题文章: