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Mia Rose & Company: Where Friends, Fun And Fashion Unite! As far as Jewelry Home Party, Direct Sales companies go, Mia Rose stands head and shoulders above its competition, based strictly on the amazingly high quality of their jewelrys premium craftsmanship, as well as the ethical and professional principals and standards that their business plan and customer service is built upon and around. We are well respected and renowned throughout the jewelry industry for our willingness to always offer a lifetime guarantee on all our jewelry! But Mia Rose isnt satisfied to simply stop there. Founder, President and CEO of Mia Rose and Co., Alex Vayner has passionately spent decades meticulously studying the business plans and structures of those most successful direct selling and direct marketing companies that had gone before. Mr. Vayner not only focused on what his predecessors had successful done right, but equally important, where they had failed, at least in the eyes of those loyal and dedicated consultants who had served to build those companies to their grand and prestigious heights. With that information in mind, Alex Vaynar set out to build a party plan company that would treat their consultants like valued parts of the company family, understanding that the consultants success and satisfaction naturally lead directly to the ultimate and optimum success and satisfaction of Mia Rose, itself. So while direct sales has long been one of the most effective, cost efficient and fastest ways to instantly start and quickly build a solid, sound, progressively growing, consistently expanding business, Mia Rose offers its consultants so much more, in order to ensure that those who represent the company are truly happy, well prepared to meet an potential obstacle or attitude and have a fun and exciting time doing it! So what exactly does that mean to YOU? Well if you are a woman who truly loves premium quality jewelry, having fun, enjoying the company of nice people and making good money and youre seeking a golden opportunity to bring all of these favorite things together in an exciting career plan, then welcome to Mia Rose and Co. With minimal financial investment and a few solid hours of some well designed training, both one in one, as well as online, whenever you find that you need help or assistance and you are instantly off and running on a career path that can provide substantial income as well as personally controlled job security that has proven to be an anomaly in todays uncertain economy and struggling corporate environment. So what makes Mia Rose so very DIFFERENT from its competition and so very RIGHT for YOU? For one thing, its our unique Training Plan. Most party presentation plans tend to view the consultant as merely a number or cog in the system. Their basic philosophy is, if you throw a high enough number of people out there, surely some of them will eventually sell something. Its nothing more than a numbers game. Throw enough spaghetti on the wall and eventually some of it will stick. These direct sales companies never really took the time, energy and effort to fully and completely prepare their unprepared consultants for every potential real life obstacle, rut, contingency and argument that they would surely encounter in their gallant efforts to promote and sell the various merchandise for the company. Mia Rose and Company understands that a company and its products can never be perceived as Top Notch unless the people who represent the company are also perceived as being Top Notch! So, just as we dedicate and pride ourselves on only presenting the public with the highest quality, premium crafted jewelry, intended to inspire for a lifetime, we take equal pride and commitment in ensuring that our Mia Rose consultants are uniquely trained to provide the highest quality consultancy services, intended to serve them well during their lifetime as a part of the Mia Rose family! We promise to prepare you for everything and anything that you may encounter as a representative of Mia Rose. We have both, a system of in-depth, but fun and enjoyable personal training, as well as 24 hour a day, seven day a week, 365 day a year online training and situation solving information and advice available to you whenever the need arises. At Mia Rose you dont ever have to worry about walking all on your own. We are there for you, because we know that thats the only way that we can feel secure that YOU will be there for us! Unlike other party plans and direct sales ventures, we also dont demand or even suggest that you load up your garage, living room or storage shed with a bunch of products that you HOPE you may one day sell. At Mia Rose, we happily are willing to buy back any and every piece of jewelry that you purchase from us with the intent to sale. That is all part of our total commitment to ensuring that your experience of being a part of the Mia Rose Family is absolutely comfortable, enjoyable and of course, profitable. Did you know that the DSA, or Direct Selling Association, which is the regulatory association that oversees all Home Party and Direct Sales plans, has very clearly stated and strictly enforced rules about loading representatives up with a bunch of product that they are then unable to sale and end up stuck with? Some companies actually figure this product loading scheme into their profit making strategies, willing to make a buck at the expense of their loyal and hard working consultants. Mia Rose refuses to play those sorts of games. Mia Rose and Company will also never try to pull your legs out from underneath you, with carefully planned schemes set up to limit your income by cutting and stealing away portions of your hard earned down-line once you have reached a certain level of monthly income. At Mia Rose, we totally understand that success is a two way street and that you can only trust, support and commit your loyalty and allegiance to a company that consistently trusts, supports and commits loyalty and allegiance to YOU! As a matter of fact, as proof of our absolute dedication to ensure that all parties involved are always 100% completely happy and satisfied, as well as in order to effectively resolve any potential complaint, we whole-heartedly submit ourselves to the Independent Code Administrator of the DSA Code of Ethics. The Code Administrator, being completely un-affiliated with any particular member company, is responsible for enforcing all DSA Code of Ethics. This Code Administrator is empowered to do whatever it takes to resolve any and all complaints to the satisfaction of all parties involved, and this Code Administrator has the singular, authority to decide on remedies, which all member companies are obligated to honor and adhere to. Truthfully, there just isnt enough time or space to tell you all the reasons why being a jewelry fashion stylist for Mia Rose could very well be the best decision that you ever made in your entire career life. Thats why we built a website for you to visit any time of day or night and learn for yourself, exactly all the wonderful and positive reasons that joining the Mia Rose Family is not just a great financial opportunity, but a fun and exciting adventure! Come check us out at www.MiaRoseAndCo.com and feel free to browse through our website at your own leisure and comfortable pace and youll see all the awesome opportunities available with your very own eyes. By the way, if you have any questions, please dont hesitate to contact us and ask! Remember, the only silly question is the one that you never bother to ask! 相关的主题文章: