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Men and women scenic indecent video was crazy pass: the police have launched an investigation (Figure) original title: Guangdong, a famous scenic spot in the indecent video was crazy pass, the police are investigating the Nandu news reporter Zhu Yong   a young men and women just a few seconds of indecent video in many Huizhou friends crazy pass WeChat group. In the video, a pair of young men and women in a famous scenic spot in Huizhou in Jingmen on indecent behavior. Huicheng District Public Security Bureau told reporters this afternoon, Nandu, has launched an investigation of the video. The above video, the majority of mobile phones from Baidu a can not hold back? Huizhou youth will play, in the scenic area actually stem from this……" Net posts. Net posts described allegations, two men and women indecent action, it is surprising. For young men and women outrageous behavior place, have different views of the people of Huizhou, some people think that is certainly in Jingmen; others think that certainly not in jingmen. Huicheng District Public Security Bureau official told reporters on the Nandu, after receiving the relevant report, the Council has launched an investigation on the video. Nandu reporter visited found that indecent video sites should be located towards the east gate 2. Here even during the day, visitors are relatively scarce. Video shooting angle display, should be in Kande Hotel room. Guangdong caroltc lawyer Chen Bo introduced, according to the "Public Security Management Punishment Law" stipulates that the forty-fourth men and women, or committing intentional nudity in public places "the video, the public security departments can be imposed on men and women following more than five days to ten days in jail. Chen Bo reminder, the responsibility of the propagator or greater, have to be careful of the parties accused of infringement of privacy, if the video was identified as pornographic videos, communicators are also suspected of violating the public security administration punishment law. Source: Nanfang Dushi Bao Save editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: