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Fashion-Style Melrose Jewelers Australia Announces the 2008 Australia Pre owned Rolex Award Winners: McGlades Jewellers ( ), Nicholas Hacko Fine Watches (, Armadale Watch Gallery ( ), Harrington Antiques ( ) The Preowned Rolex Awards were designed by Melrose Jewelers, Australias largest online Preowned Rolex watch retailer, in order to award Preowned rolex retailers committed to excellence in product quality and product authenticity disclosure. The Pre owned Rolex Award is given to the top 4 online Preowned rolex watch retailers in Australia & New Zealand Ranking from 1 to 4 the 2008 winners of the Melrose Jewelers ( owned Rolex Awards of excellence in quality and authenticity disclosure are (score out of 100): 1)McGlades Jewellers Watch Purchased: Lady Rolex Presidential Quality Score: 94 Authenticity Disclosure Score: 95 2)Nicholas Hacko Fine Watches Watch Purchased: Two Tone Mens Rolex Datejust Quality Score: 93 Authenticity Disclosure Score: 95 3)Armadale Watch Gallery Watch Purchased: Stainless Steel Mens Rolex Datejust Quality Score: 94 Authenticity Disclosure Score: 94 4)Harrington Antiques Watch Purchased: Mens Rolex Day Date President Quality Score: 93 Authenticity Disclosure Score: 94 How the Melrose Jewelers Australia Preowned Rolex Standards Award Winners are Chosen: A sample purchase is made at each online retailer website to test the companys level of authenticity disclosure as to which parts of its Rolex watches are original and which parts are aftermarket. Once received, each Rolex watch purchased is then taken apart and inspected to make sure the watch is indeed authentic and then it is tested to make sure it keeps proper time. Melrose Jewelers is a member of the NAWCC (National Association of Watch Collectors), the MJSA (Manufacturers & Jewelers Association of America) and the California Sheriff’s Association. Melrose Jewelers is not an authorized agent or affiliated with Rolex USA, Rolex S.A., Rolex International,, or . All Rolex watches offered by Melrose Jewelers are Preowned; no new Rolex watches are available from Melrose Jewelers. Watches sold by Melrose Jewelers may contain custom diamond additions which void the warranty of new Rolex watches. Melrose Jewelers does not sell any new Rolex watches and Melrose Jewelers provides its warranty solely through its store. Rolex S.A. has no obligation to warranty-service any watches sold by Melrose Jewelers as Melrose Jewelers is not a Rolex Dealer. Rolex President, Rolex Presidential and Rolex Datejust are trademarks of Rolex USA and a list of New Rolex Watch Dealers can be found at or New Rolex Watch Models can be found at Baselworld 2008 or at ..Rolex../en/ About the Author: 相关的主题文章: