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Man riding electric car wine "retrograde car killed the dead bear the main responsibility – Beijing in daily life, some people think that non motor vehicles and motor vehicle traffic accidents, non motor vehicle side is weak, so the vehicle should take responsibility to some more, which will come out drunk driving just for automobile and motorcycle vehicle in fact, this is a misunderstanding. Recently, the Jianye court sentenced a traffic accident compensation. In the case of Xiamou drunk riding electric bike retrograde, and car collision results, died. The compensation from both sides of the dispute, the driver Xiamou family that Hwang lax observation also has certain responsibilities, Yizhisuzhuangjiang Huang and the insurance company to court. Court after hearing the summer to assume the main responsibility. Yangzi Evening News reporter correspondent Ren Guoyong Guo Yipeng built the weight of the incident: "Ding Liangzhu" drunk driving electric car was killed by Xiamou over the age of 40, have to take care of the elderly, there are children to raise, Ding Liangzhu hundred-percent home, life is not a small pressure. Five years ago, he also bought a 600 thousand yuan loan to about 90 square meters of the house in the city, the monthly repayment 4000 yuan, Xiamou husband and wife two people a month wages while nearly million yuan, but the family expenses, life jinbaba. Late last year, he was invited to dinner with two friends at a restaurant. The two friends in the age of about 40, their monthly wages are not high for about three thousand or four thousand, about $three. Similar age and family situation, let three people a lot of common language, imperceptibly between Liang Jin Liquor drink. After dinner, the three of them go home, Xia riding an electric bike back. At that time, it is more than 10 in the evening, pedestrians and vehicles less, soon arrived, Xiamou cycling retrograde to head home, due to lax observation, his electric bicycle and across an oncoming car hit a Xiamou was killed on the spot. The police quickly rushed to the scene, the driver of the car with the police inquiry. The police approached Xiamou side and smelled a strong smell of alcohol, the check department Xiamou drunk. Xia’s family also rushed to the scene, the face of the sudden departure of their loved ones, crying. In order to facilitate the processing of Xiamou’s funeral, the driver of the car to Huang Xiamou family paid 35 thousand yuan, and said the day after the calculation of the specific amount of compensation. Responsibility: the court sentenced responsibility on the amount of compensation, Xiamou family and the driver Hwang had differences, Xiamou family raised 450 thousand yuan compensation, Huang think too much. Huang said, Xiamou Department of drunk riding a bike, and is retrograde, bear the main responsibility in the accident, his normal driving negative secondary responsibility, this is the traffic police department in the post identification and inform the parties, since bear secondary responsibility, he thought that he should not bear such high compensation 450 thousand yuan. Prior to this, Huang for the car were in the two insurance companies voted to pay strong insurance and non deductible business three liability insurance. Because of the amount of compensation for the dispute did not result, the summer will be a member of the yellow and two insurance companies to court. Court, the original defendant on both sides expressed the fact that the accident, but the specific criteria for the identification of the amount of responsibility for the accident objection. Court classics.相关的主题文章: